Wall Township High School students charged with locker room hazing incidents


Several students at a New Jersey high school have been criminally charged over a series of alleged hazing incidents in the football team’s locker room, prosecutors said Monday.

The Monmouth County District Attorney’s Office said the “minor defendants” face charges of hazing, criminal sexual contact and false imprisonment for the alleged attacks at Wall Township High School last September and October.

Prosecutors did not detail the charges. But the high school reportedly investigated allegations in November that a sophomore football player was pinned to the locker room floor and misted with a broomstick as he screamed for help.

About six older players from the Crimson Knights team were under investigation after videos emerged of the alleged incident, NJ.com had reported.

In one of the alleged incidents, a group of players could be seen surrounding the second with a broomstick as he shouted, according to the parents. Although the video does not show anal sex, the parents said that was clearly the intention.

The Monmouth County District Attorney’s Office said the defendants face charges including hazing, criminal sexual interference and false imprisonment.

“The results of our investigations have necessitated the filing of juvenile charges against those involved in order to serve the interests of justice,” Monmouth County Acting District Attorney Lori Linskey said in a statement.

“It is imperative that victims of hazing, harassment, bullying and intimidation know that such conduct is not a ‘rite of passage’ and should not be endured without consequence in order to be accepted into social, associative, sporting or academic circles,” added Linskey.

A separate investigation by the prosecutor’s office also led to charges against a student accused of sexual assault outside of school.


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