Wall of kindness in Delhi government schools to put smiles on faces | Delhi News


The schools selected for the initiative were those whose walls faced the edge of the road

NEW DELHI: In a unique initiative, a “Neki Ki Deewar (Wall of Kindness)” is being installed on one of the outer boundary walls of 300 public schools in Delhi. The walls, with a red background with upward pointing hands painted on it, will have enough hooks for people willing to donate clothes to hang them on.
The schools selected for the initiative were those whose walls faced the edge of the road. This would ensure easy access for people wishing to participate in the give and take activity without disrupting school activities.
The idea behind the wall states: “Many people want to donate in kind and need help to reach those in need. We can promote the spirit of anonymous giving and create a model in this regard for our children.
Anyone willing to donate any item, be it clean wool or other clothes, shoes, food, etc., can hang them on the wall and those who need them can take them when they wish.
“This concept should be promoted as an anonymous give and take initiative where the dignity of the recipient is respected at all times,” reads the memo sent to selected schools. SMC funds from the school can be used for the construction of the wall with a maximum expenditure of Rs 10,000.
A teacher from Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Ghitorni, who is part of the project, said it was very relevant in today’s times.
“As part of the happiness program, we used to do these activities with our students on a small scale. We had a wall of gratitude, where students used to post messages thanking whoever they wanted. The wall of gratitude was then moved from the classrooms to a section of the school. Now it’s done on a larger scale so students understand the value of kindness and the importance of helping. We also encourage interested people to write their messages on these walls,” said Sunil Kumar Joon, an English teacher at the school.



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