This customizable wall clock merges the dials displaying the time zones of two different countries


The Jetlag clock is a wall clock that merges two dials to display the time of two different countries.

Whether you’re a globetrotter because of your job or have a relationship with someone who lives in another country, keeping up with different time zones can be tricky. Wall clock systems made up of multiple clocks are able to tell us what time it is in different countries, but they are fixed in design. A single system can host three separate clocks showing the time of three different countries, but users cannot add other time zones without purchasing another clock entirely. Italian designer Alberto Ghirardello developed the Jetlag clock to change that.

Designate: Alberto Ghirardello

Defined by the shape of two merging circles, the Jetlag Clock is a customizable time zone wall clock that allows users to change the times and countries displayed. Two mechanisms work separately to display the time of two countries that users can choose by themselves. The Jetlag clock is made from laser cut metal and oriented in a way that allows users to hang it vertically or horizontally.

Describing the design and form in his own words, designer Ghirardello explains: “Jetlag is a laser-cut metal wall clock whose shape is an ideal fusion of two dials, the hours of which are marked by a series of holes that merge and become common to both. pairs of hands. If users choose to change the countries displayed on each clock face, the white paint layer allows users to write the name of new countries, then they can adjust the times accordingly.


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