This collection of K-Swiss brand ‘Clueless’ shoes totally buggin us’


K-Swiss, the popular sports sneaker brand in the 90s (bonus points for anyone who remembers – thank you daddy) but still here, recently announced a very trendy and chic collection, which was dropped on the week last. It is a collection of “Clueless” brand shoes. Yes, it really does happen. And yes, there is a lot of plaid.

For anyone who has followed recent trends, the plaid is back and was especially popular last fall. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift rock it. While the trend already gave us a full Cher vibe, the K-Swiss shoe collection is a way for people to wear the style more than once, and over many seasons.

We have to say that the whole thing is pretty rad. There are two different styles: a classic white pair with a touch of plaid on the heel for those seeking a more subtle look, and an all-over plaid version if your taste is more daring. Both retail for $ 80. The yellow plaid patterns are a direct nod to Cher and her matching blazer and skirt, but the best part might be the soles, which have the movie’s name on one and the popular quote, “Ugh! As if!” the other.

Designer shoes are more and more popular. In March, Dunkin ‘Donuts released a pair of Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara 10 sneakers, which were promotional running shoes for the Boston Marathon, and the shoes sold out completely. Post Malone has many collaborations with Crocs. How could you miss those bright yellow shoes? And there have been a ton more.

For now, the K-Swiss “Clueless” shoes are still available, but if you’re planning on getting a limited edition pair (or two), you better act fast – who knows how long they’ll last!


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