Themed stone wall at Aeon Tebrau from S$10/adult


JB Rock Base Camp

Climbing spots in Singapore are incredibly accessible with plenty of climbing rooms in our shopping centers and throughout the country. However, if you’re tired of often crowded gyms, cross the border to find Rocky base campa much emptier climbing paradise with many interesting routes to try.

Located in the famous AEON Tebrau shopping center, this gymnasium by JB offers themed walls and obstacle courses. Not to mention, the 1:3 exchange rates also mean all-day access starts from one candy. ~S$10.50.

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Themed walls, bouldering and climbing in mind

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JB addicts should be no stranger to AEON Tebrau. Located about 15 km or 30 minutes drive from the causeway, it is one of a cluster of malls frequented by Singaporeans for IKEA furniture shopping, affordable retail stores and foodservice. But don’t just come here to fill your belly, drop by too Rocky Basecamp, a lesser known attraction located on level 1 of the mall.

Aeon Tebrau themed climbing walls
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Hy Yuen

of just RM33/adult (~S$10.50) or RM23.57/child (~S$7.50) enjoy all-day access to the 2-story gymcompleted with 10 themed routes – including outer space, a library and a vertical cavern. Regular high walls ranging from 10-15m high are also available for more serious climbers

Rocky Basecamp JB - theme wall
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Most of the routes here run on self-belaying, meaning you don’t need someone to manually belay you along the wall or require certification to enjoy the activity. All you have to do is buckle up and climb.

Climbing aeon tebrau - free shoes
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Teo Chee

You won’t have to carry your climbing gear on the roadway either, as harnesses and climbing shoes are provided with every pass purchased. Just be sure to bring your own socks and chalk.

Rocky Basecamp JB - bouldering
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Juju JL

If you don’t like heights, no worries – it’s not all high walls here. We all love a good boulder wall and there are plenty of routes with varying levels of difficulty available, including incline and overhang routes. Experts can also find speed walls to race with their friends, alongside a handful of lead climbing walls.

Rocky Basecamp JB - wall of speed
Speed ​​wall.
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“Ninja Warrior” Obstacle Course

Climbing aeon tebrau - Obstacle course
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Anselme Jiu, @rockybasecamptc

Since there is no time limit at Rocky Basecamp, you may be looking for something other than ladder climbing holds. Between discovering tricky routes, challenge yourself in their obstacle course with monkey bars, a wall of spiders and rope nets.

Climbing aeon tebrau - Obstacle course
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Hy Yuen

Reach new heights at Rocky Basecamp at Aeon Tebrau JB

JB Rock Base Camp
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Rocky Basecamp City of Tebrau

It’s not hard to see why rock climbing has quickly become an incredibly popular sport among Singaporeans. Since it’s so different from the usual running or swimming, it’s the perfect sport for adrenaline junkies to let their inner monkey go. Course climb free.

With JB finally open to Singaporeans, now is our chance to visit our favorite neighboring country. Look to Rocky Basecamp for your next cross-border weekend adventure – no advance reservations are required and all you need to do is simply pop in to purchase your passes.

Learn more about Rocky Basecamp Tebrau City

Climbing only: RM33/adult (~S$10.50), RM23.57/child (~S$7.50)
Obstacle course only (Malay): RM20/adult (~S$6.30)RM15/student (~S$4.80)
Obstacle course only (non-Malaysian): RM35/adult (~S$11.10)RM30/student (~$9.50)
Combo climbing + obstacle course (Malaysian): RM50/adult (~S$15.90)RM35/student (~S$11.10)
Climbing + Obstacle Course Combo (Non-Malaysian): RM70/adult (~S$22.10), RM50/student (~S$15.90)

Address: Fanpekka, Persiaran Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, daily
Phone: +60 17-228 5068

Cover image adapted from: @oliveseah, Hy Yuen, Teo Chee


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