The Colts’ wide receivers hit an ominous wall in training camp


The Indianapolis Colts wide receivers have been struggling in training camp lately and it might be time for the team to get worried.

The Indianapolis Colts have decided to enter this NFL season without any major wide receiver changes. Indy drafted Alec Pierce, but he was the only addition to the roster. Everyone felt it was a risky approach for Indianapolis given that its receiving group is young and unproven.

Despite that, Frank Reich and Chris Ballard expressed faith in these young guys throughout the offseason, and going into camp, it looked like the Colts were right. Indy has seen several young guys step in and put on some quality practice days. Fourth-year catcher Paris-Campbell had quickly established a relationship with Matt Ryan and they connected often.

Alec Pierce was making a great transition to the league and Ashton Dulin was also taking a big step in his development. The Colts also saw impressive catches by other young wides. However, that momentum has since stalled.

With shoulder pads now, these young receivers haven’t been as impressive. The passing offense has struggled for the past two practices and now it seems all naysayers are right. Is it time for Indy to officially worry about the wide receiver group?

Should the Colts be worried about struggling receivers?

One of the factors in the receivers’ struggle was that Parris Campbell was sidelined from practice with a tight hamstring. Although it’s probably minor, it represents a fear that many Indy fans have. Campbell has only played 15 games in three seasons due to injury. Although he’s been a big part of the offense so far, another injury for him could decimate Indy’s passing game.

Not just from Campbell, but from any of the top guys. The Colts reception room doesn’t have much depth and if Michael Pitman Jr.Pierce or Campbell falls, things are going to get really shaky for the passing attack.

It also seems like it’s fragile right now with them. While that could just mean they’re still a disappointing bunch, it could also mean several other things. The Colts have a talented defense and maybe they’re just making it tough on offense right now.

Or maybe the receivers just hit the wall in training camp where soreness and fatigue set in and it becomes difficult to implement quality practices. If so, it’s just a tough time they have to go through.

But that might be the scariest option: it’s not a bunch of receivers that can work consistently. If so, the Colts will likely have a better idea after Saturday’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. If things still look grim, it’s time for Indy to reach out for help.


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