The border wall is advancing on 4 fronts


Work to lift the smart perimeter fence that the government is building on the border with Haiti is progressing on the four fronts identified, located in the provinces of Independencia, Pedernales, Elías Piña and Dajabón.

In the province of Dajabón, work is underway from pyramid 17 to 21, and five kilometers of necessary roads have been prepared to transport construction materials.

The contractor has already cleared, filled and compacted 800 meters of road in the vicinity of pyramid number 18. Therefore, this section is ready to start the base of the fence and the subsequent placement of the wire mesh.

Indeed, the conclusion of the administrative process subsequent to the awarding of the works and the execution of the engineering works, such as topographical surveys, layouts and technical studies which were carried out before the excavations necessary for the pouring of the concrete of the fence shoe .

At the same time, the installation of the treatment plant and the execution of the tests with aggregates for the production of concrete in Dajabón are already in the final phase.

In the same way, the construction company expects the very soon arrival of the steel and the trellis whose manufacture has been ordered, with the particular specifications established in the specifications.

In Jimaní, in the province of Independencia, the same process is underway on 830 meters of roads starting from pyramid number 248 heading northwest. In Pedernales and Elías Piña, the installation of two camps has already begun, which will support the construction of the fence in these provinces.

In addition, progress has been made in assisting those who claim property rights along the path where the fence is being built, a task that is being assisted by a team of assessors and surveyors from the Ministry of Works. Public and Communications (MOPC), headed by the engineer Ricardo Peña Acevedo, director of expropriations and evaluations.

A preliminary report prepared with information from the Real Estate Jurisdiction establishes that in the 21.5 linear kilometers corresponding to sections 1 and 2 (Montecristi-Dajabón), there is a territorial extension of 13,643,731 square meters, in twenty-six plots registered, seven in the name of the Dominican State, with some 11.8 million meters, and 19 private, of 1.7 million meters.

The first stage of this project envisages the construction of 54 kilometers of physical fence, 19 watchtowers, ten access gates and 54 kilometers of roads to patrol both sides of the fence.

Order and distribution

According to official reports relating to the construction of this perimeter fence, the entire section will be segmented into six sections distributed as follows: sections 1 and 2 in Dajabón and Montecristi, with a length of 25.3 kilometers; section 3 to Elías Piña, with 3.5 kilometers; section 4 and 5 in Jimaní, with 17.2 kilometers, and section 6 in Pedernales, with 7.8 kilometers.


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