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For six seasons between 1999 and 2007, audiences were captivated by one of television’s most beloved and groundbreaking series, “The Sopranos.” Each week, they listened to Tony Soprano deal with both his dysfunctional New Jersey crime family and his real family, which occasionally crossed paths. The drama has won 21 Emmys, five Golden Globes and two Peabody Awards, and is almost universally regarded among top 100 tv series of all time.

Much of the credit goes to series creator David Chase, the writers, and the cast. Above all, the show’s appeal rested on the broad shoulders of the late James Gandolfini, who somehow managed to make a cold-blooded killer likable and worthy of our times – making “The Sopranos ” one of the the 25 best anti-hero shows of all time.

The series explored Tony’s tortured relationship with his mother, Livia; the damage caused by his serial cheating on his marriage to Carmela; and the toll his crime took on his children, Meadow and AJ. Outside his family home, Tony fights with rival mobsters – both inside and outside his crime family.

Each episode was like a mini masterpiece. But some episodes stand out. To determine the best episodes of “The Sopranos,” 24/7 Tempo looked at user ratings for all 86 episodes of the show as of May 2022 on IMDb, an online movie and TV series database owned by Amazon. In the event of a tie in scores, episodes with more votes in IMDb were ranked higher. Data on season and episode number and original air date also came from IMDb.

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The highest-rated episode wasn’t the series finale, which controversially went black, but season 3, “Pine Barrens.” While chasing a Russian mobster, Paulie Walnuts and Christopher Moltisanti get lost in the snowy woods, proving that despite all their awkward posturing, the two really were dark bulbs.


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