Take a look at Katie Holmes’ chic (and sustainable!) shoe collection


Katie Holmes has perfected the art of the girl-next-door style over the years, championing minimalist basics that can be worn time and time again. This is especially the case when it comes to her footwear collection, with her Acne Bladie loafers, New Balance sneakers and Birkenstocks among her loyal favorites that are in constant rotation.

More recently, the actress has also been championing sustainable shoe brands, including a pair of thong heels by Reformation, which she wore while opening a new Christian Siriano boutique in Westport, Connecticut last week. last.

Reformation Selene low heel lace up sandal

Made from recycled leather, linen and plant moss, the shoes have a lower carbon footprint than a similar pair made from conventional leather.

Katie Holmes wearing Chloe clogs.


Another recent addition to her wardrobe is Brother Vellies’ Togo heels, which are handwoven by artisans in Burkina Faso and made in small batches. Paired with an elegant black dress from another conscious brand, Marina Moscone, Holmes shows how mules are the perfect way to elevate a simple look this summer.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s Joy clogs, made from responsibly sourced leather, are also a staple for Holmes right now, whether paired with a summer knit dress or jeans. Indeed, the style muse has been a long-time fan of the French fashion house, with Holmes having been seen wearing the label on several occasions since eco-friendly creative director Gabriela Hearst took the helm in 2020 (Edith boots are another favorite company in winter) .

Footwear is a tricky area when it comes to sustainability, especially since leather is known to have a high environmental impact. Meanwhile, vegan alternatives are often made from synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels and difficult to recycle.

Yet Holmes was an early adopter of brands like Aera, a vegan brand that offsets its impact by 110%, and Rothy’s, which makes its shoes from recycled plastic bottles (the Duchess of Sussex is also a fan ). In the past, the actor has also worn the Veja brand of sneakers, which uses chrome-free leather as well as a vegan alternative made of cotton coated with cornstarch.

Holmes in his trusty Acne Bladie loafers.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The actor also championed vegan shoe brand Aera.


With the rise of eco-conscious shoe brands, expect to see Holmes add more items to her collection in the future (given her penchant for party shoes, we think Piferi is a perfect match ). But as the actor will show, the real secret to a long-lasting shoe collection is investing in shoes you’ll keep wearing for years to come — those Acne and Birks loafers aren’t going anywhere.

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Acne Studios black Bladie square toe loafers

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Aera Faux Leather Charli Ankle Boots


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