Oakmont Bakery is open Saturday despite an SUV crashing through the kitchen wall Friday night


Oakmont Bakery resumed operations on Saturday after a large SUV slammed into a brick wall Friday night with a dozen employees inside.

The driver of the Ford Expedition was taken to hospital with unspecified injuries, but none of the workers were injured.

A Facebook post on the bakery page around 2:30 p.m. thanked several companies who offered their help if needed and announced “we are back in business in a safe working environment”.

The post also featured a photo of pepperoni bread “fresh out of those indestructible ovens.”

Owner Marc Serrao said some equipment was lost as a result of the accident, “which will slow production for some time.”

Aside from some shocked staff, no one inside was hurt.

“We had a team of 13 bakers and decorators at the time of the accident,” Serrao said. “Our main concern was the safety of our staff. We are so grateful that there were no serious injuries.

One earlier Facebook Oakmont Bakery’s post on Saturday morning read in part:

“For the time being, we will remain open, but due to the interruption of production, we have not been able to continue cooking, and therefore some products will not be available for purchase. We are no longer accepting orders until we have an ETA on the repairs.

“We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to repair the damage and return to normal. If you have a pre-existing order and do not receive a call from us, your order may be picked up as scheduled.

Oakmont Fire Chief Joe Flanick said the crash happened shortly before midnight Friday.

He said initial emergency calls for the bakery included an explosion and possible roof collapse, but those things didn’t happen. Instead, the SUV drove into the bakery kitchen.

Flanick said about a dozen workers were inside at the time of the crash. No other injuries were reported.

“Thank goodness no one was hurt (inside) because they’re all working in the area he went through,” Flanick said.

Emergency crews from Blawnox, Verona, Oakmont, Allegheny Valley and Aspinwall assisted.

Oakmont Police are investigating. Borough Superintendent Scot Fodi said he spoke with Police Chief Michael Ford on Saturday afternoon. He could not confirm whether the driver would face charges. No further information has been released.

Flanick said the driver told emergency responders his brakes were malfunctioning as he drove down Hulton Road.

Firefighters began clearing the scene around 3 a.m.

The hole in the wall was patched on Saturday. No repair work appeared to impact the storefront that afternoon as more than 400 customers were served by 2 p.m., according to the customer number counter.

University of Pittsburgh students Kenna Jackson and Kendall Mclinster of Butler were among them. The two said they learned about the accident through social media.

“We didn’t know if it was going to be open yet or not, but then we saw people saying it was open,” Jackson said.

Mclinster said she was shocked when she saw photos of the incident.

“I can’t believe how bad it was in the beginning,” she said. “It was really crazy.”

One of the few items visibly off the shelves was paczki, a deep-fried puff pastry filled with jam or another sweet filling.

Serrao said paczki, most donut varieties and some bagels and pastries could not be prepared on Saturday.

“We baked most of our Valentine’s Day cakes and pastries before the accident,” Serrao said. “Tri State (Bakery Equipment), Chernega (Construction Co.) and Advanced Service were able to put most of our equipment into service so that we could get the most out of our products on Sunday and Monday. All in all, our teams had a surprisingly successful day.

Bethel Bakery, Pastries A-La-Carte, Prantls Bakery, Verrico Landscaping and Sam’s Club in the Tarentum area also helped during the resumption of production.

Serrao said on Sunday they were back to taking orders after ABCO Fire Equipment helped reset the sprinkler system and load fire suppression equipment, all part of the upgrade. systems.

“Without these amazing companies/people, we wouldn’t be open today,” Serrao said.

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