Nyheim Hines ready to ‘walk through a brick wall’ for Matt Ryan and Colts


Indianapolis Colts running back Nyheim Hines recently spoke about the impact the addition of Matt Ryan has had on the team.

When the Indianapolis Colts traded for the quarterback matt ryan, many were excited about how it could positively impact the offense. Once Ryan showed up in Indianapolis and went through the offseason program with the team, everyone was blown away and got even more excited.

Ryan has already established himself as a leader who demands the best from his teammates and he has shown that he still has incredible precision on the football pitch. The combination of Ryan’s skills on the court and his presence off the court should help the Colts’ offense improve from last season.

In a recent appearance on The Jim Rome ShowIndy is running back, Nyheim Hines, expressed how much Ryan meant to the team after such a short time together. Hines discussed the different things Ryan brings to the offense and also how quickly Matt Ryan beat the team. Hines gave Ryan a very strong endorsement, saying, “We’ve worked with him for eight weeks and I’m already ready to walk through a brick wall for him.”

Colts ready to follow Matt Ryan’s lead

These are the kinds of statements that have been coming out of Indianapolis since the spring. While everyone has reason to be thrilled that Ryan is joining Indy, Nyheim Hines might have a little more excitement. It has been noted that Ryan is the perfect quarterback to get Hines more involved.

In his first four seasons in the NFL, Hines has proven himself as a versatile running back who is explosive out of the backfield as a rusher and receiver. However, his numbers went down a bit last season. Partly to play on the call and partly because of Carson Wentz’ style of play.

Now Frank Reich has expressed his commitment to involving Hines more, and with a quarterback like Ryan, who is used to involving his running backs in the passing game, that should be easy. Ryan and Hines should be able to develop a great connection on the court this season and it looks like they’ve already started to make that connection.


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