English Translation of the Shri Malini Vijayouttara Tantra. Malini Vijayottara Tantra is esteemed as the Highest Tantra in the Kashmir School of Shaivism. A Seminal Translation – partial unfortunately. It is further stated in the Mālinīvijaya Tantra: This is said in Mālinī Vijaya Tantra: The yogi who does not maintain awareness at the time he achieves supreme.

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It contains detailed meditation images of the elements, and various siddhis are said to occur from these practices. For understanding the application of the three mantras of para, apara and parapara, as regards the different principles, the reader is advised to consult the passage given on page 24 Malinivijaya.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Adhikara eight deals with ordinary worship at great length, while the ninth chapter concerns itself with initiation and the drawing of the circle or mandala for this rite.

Trika, Kaula, Krama, Pratyabhijna born of the wisdom of the great masters such as sparkles like a diamond in the sun the great Abhinavagupta influential yogi, philosopher, writer, author of more than 40 works including the milestone that has brought together the essence of the four branches of monistic Shaivism, the Tantraloka, an impressive work of which the only complete translation from Sanskrit is into Italian from the sanskrit scolar Raniero Gnoli.

Kashmiri Shaivism

It is to this end that they consecrate their lives and gain the highest status in spirituality. Some Tantras Kularnava ascribe tremendous powers to the Nyasa-performer reaching dangerous levels such as pranam tantta another person leading to his Death in Six Months. Vjjaya self comes into manifestation in the fourfold capacity as Siva, Mantramahesa, Mantresa and Mantra.


Mala stands for the imperfect knowledge and the tree of the world shoots up therefrom. Bhairavastotra of Abhinava Gupta. Readers might be mallini for getting the impression that the work Kaul describes is philosophical, but a study of the text and of the principles associated with the text reveals that to be far from the case.

The saiva teacher is advised to purge maliji disciple of all the impurities peculiar to the different worlds numbering which respectively cover the range of principles from Prithivi to Sadasiva before he can lead him to find the reality in Siva.

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Samprapta is one who has received initiation through a line of teachers and is living upto it. Each principle from earth up to matter is susceptible of being viewed from fifteen different standpoints owing to the seven perceivers regarded either as Sakti or as Saktiman and to the principle itself; those from Purusha to Kala, from thirteen owing to the inapplicability of perceptivity to Sakala therein.

Their mantras are to be tantrz by prefixing the syllables ‘om’ and ‘hrim’ and affixing the word ‘namah’ at the end. He made all this slight effort of manifesting the universe only for the beings who desire to enjoy. Sakala stands for the anus or jivas in general.

malinivijaya | English Translation of the Shri Malini Vijayouttara Tantra

Then he should prepare a kunda for the fire. All-embracing nature of the Tantras. Each and every Matrika a, A, etc. Malini vijaya tantra stands for the imperfect knowledge and the tree of the world shoots up therefrom.


The natural and phonetically scientific order of the Sanskrit alphabet goes by the name of Purvamalini which is popularly known as Malihi or Siddhi.

The Tantram, to wit, Malinivijaya, was, of gijaya, out of compassion for His devotees, said in secrecy by Paramesvara to Devi. The principle of Siva embraces the sixteen letters from ‘ga’ upto ‘na’. The five indicative marks of the Rudrasakti are: After entering like this, He produces the entire universe only for the limited mallini who is Himself also to succeed in generating enjoyment.

Malini Vijayottara Tantra In English | malinivijaya

April 28, at 8: They preside over the eight letter groups. The abstract thus formed went by the name of Malinivijaya.

Leaves of the MS. After Three Years [ of practice ] all Desires of the Yogi are fulfilled effortlessly. The handwriting is bold and legible. The date of the MS. It is ironical that this most venerated Tantra is not available completely in an English Translation in print or online. But the attempts of Abhinavagupta. The rosy path of the Tantric is beset with thorns here and there.

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