In striving to be darkly humorous, this novel, about the invasion of Italy during World War II, finds the darkness repeatedly and the humor almost. I first read La pelle (The Skin, available in English translation) decades ago and was deeply affected by its merciless depiction of the misery. Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated relationship. The Skin is set in war-ruined Naples, in late , at a time when Allied.

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I consider that the most honest system of rating a book, because your next meal depends upon it.

Io in Russia e in Cinahis journal of the events, was published posthumously in Published December 31st by Marlboro Press first slin Apparently a manatee from the aquarium skjn served at a fancy dinner, according to Naples ‘ As a result of this previous experience, I have long been putting off reading The Skineven though there is much about it that appeals to me, so much, in fact, malapart I actually bought it on the day of its release.

The Second World War is in one sense a war of thoughts, memory, and language, its victors acting much the same in defeat as in victory, their desire merely to assure themselves that theirs is the correct social philosophy. Jordan Anderson lives in Portland, Oregon. Italy, which fought on the side of the Germans, has lost the war, and the people now mzlaparte control, now being welcomed, were previously its enemies, were the people they were, until recently, trying to kill.

Giudicato per anni imbarazzante eccessivo e incredibile Ci dicono che ci sbarcheranno a Napoli, fra i primi che tornano.


In one particularly moving passage that echoes the title of the wider work, Malaparte writes, Malaparfe skin, this confounded skin. Un uomo di grande dirittura morale che fustiga i costumi decaduti degli italiani sconfitti, che si concedono ad ogni orgia nel delirio della vita salvata e di un rinnovato benessere comprato vendendosi al nemico?

Catch and The Skin tell the story of the same part of WWII from opposite sides American and Italo-Fascist yhe I would have to admit that despite its horrors, Catch while being as condemning on war, ignorance, and rape as The Skin, was certainly funnier if less horrifying. Recensione di Sciarpina malaparge Laura Meandering between cynicism and innocence, laughter and sadness, Malaparte mapaparte to be in mourning. I especially enjoyed the banter between the sardonic and cynical Malaparte and the wet-behind-the-ears idealism and gullibility of his American colleagues.

In he started his career as a journalist. Indeed, the relationship between language and violence during wartime is perhaps the most relevant subject matter for art in our time.

Princeton Architectural Press,p.

The Skin : Curzio Malaparte : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Shades of Nabokov in his black humour. Glory, what men call glory, is often thick with mud. Lists with This Book. Cannavale gave me a strange look.

books, yo.

I don’t know quite how to describe this one, so I’m going to go with some main points. And while Burns’ portrayal of the misery, degradation and widespread corruption was graphic enough, Malaparte is just merciless.

Flat, “an impudent cynic.

Only the soul is immortal, alas! However cruel and even sadistic his observations often are, he does show alot of compassion for the people of Naples and their often grotesque behaviour. I was also repulsed at his broad homophobic statements at various parts of the book.


At times, I really felt he was trying to clear his rotten malaparet by playing the good guy. It makes other authors who talk about war, including Vonegut, seem like little children reminicing about how much fun war is. He was freed malaaparte the personal intervention of Mussolini’s son-in-law and heir apparent Galeazzo Ciano.

Curzio Malaparte To win a war – everyone can do that, but not everyone is capable of losing one.

Curzio Malaparte

I like to take note of these reading serendipities which often happen to me. He taught a hard lesson that a revolution can wear itself out in strategy. His most important novels, Kaputt and La pellewere both set in the war, the former on malapate Eastern Front and the latter during the invasion and occupation of Italy by the Allies.

While it occupies some of the same satiric and moral ground as Heller’s Catch, it also shares some of the brilliance. I want to expand upon this review, but I am going to begin by saying no other book I nalaparte think of even approaches 4 stars let alone 5, in comparison to Curzio Malaparte’s “The Skin”.

See 2 questions about The Skin…. In he founded with Massimo Bontempelli the literary mwlaparte “”. Open Preview See a Problem?

Here are a few nuggets to convince you: My favorite chapter feat This brutal, beautifully written novel about the arrival of American troops in Naples inand their two-year occupation, is sad but also deeply, darkly comical.

Did the Americans come as conquerors or liberators?

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