MAFS fans bang their heads against the wall after the conversation between Selin and Anthony


Internet is calling again Selinthe behavior of Married at first sight, this time for the way she treated Anthony at the first spicy dinner of the season on Monday evening.

In case you missed it, the last time we left the newlywed couple onscreen, Selin and Anthony were having a hard time understanding each other. Anthony claimed Selin calls her a “princess” off-camera because he’s a man who feels comfortable being vulnerable with his emotions. Then he called her a bully and left their honeymoon a night early.

Cut to Monday night’s episode where Selin arrived before Anthony at the first dinner and gave the group a false account of what happened.

“I literally didn’t say a word,” she said, which completely contradicts what we saw Thursday night last week.

“He packed up and said he was leaving.”

Dear producers, please roll back the tapes.

When Anthony arrived, the group roasted him for leaving Selin on the honeymoon. He refused to tell his side of the story to a room full of strangers who had already made up their minds about him. He told Selin that he would prefer to sit down and talk to her individually about what happened as an adult.

When they chatted, Anthony apologized for leaving her and asked if they could move on from what happened. But instead, she kept blaming him for leaving and not holding herself accountable.

The whole ordeal between them was so exhausting that I wanted the experts to re-run the experiment for poor old daddy Anthony’s sake. Fans were quick to defend Anthony and call out Selin for giving a one-sided account of what happened.

“Selin is a pure example of why people tell you ‘their side’ of a story. [you should] always be skeptical and don’t take it as absolute truth,” one viewer wrote after the episode aired.

Others roasted Selin for continuing to bring up the fact that he left their honeymoon when they were in the middle of an argument and seeming to use him as a crutch instead of holding himself accountable and s ‘excuse.

“Does Selin seriously blame Anthony’s lack of ability to communicate…when he communicated his feelings she took him so long,” one viewer wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

Alright this next one got me lol.

Here are some of the other best tweets from Anthony and Selin’s private conversation on MAFS Monday evening.

In a bizarre turn of events, Selin told producers at the end of the episode that Anthony “didn’t even apologize” before backtracking and admitting, “maybe he did. said”.

Eh??? Say again??? Either it’s producer shenanigans or this woman seemed to be turning herself on. At least, that’s what Twitter estimated.

Married at first sight broadcast from 7:30 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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