From ScrumMaster to Program Teams to Enterprise Coach . Lyssa Adkins and Michael K. Spayd lay out the pillars of organizational agility. Lyssa Adkins. Teams often get the basics of agile running within the first few frameworks, designed to be simple, are just that—simple and easy to. Drive by Daniel H. Pink Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

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We will put aside our discomfort and challenge each other when we notice someone has become distracted. As you continue the drawing, go on spinning a vision for them. More and more frequently, ScrumMasters and project managers are being asked to coach agile teams. In Coaching Agile Coachjng, Lyssa Adkins gives agile coaches the insights they need to adopt this new mind-set and to guide teams to extraordinary performance in a re-energized work environment. How do I help my teams succeed with agile?

Expecting high performance does not mean that you demand it. This is a very nice book on group coaching and team building.

They fuel sustainable growth. Book is well organized and consistent in terms of provided information and ideas. Watch this short talk to find out. Are people in motion together, in conversation, at the whiteboard, or at their computers? Have the courage to commit, to act, to be open, and to expect respect Schwaber and Beedle They can circumvent many of the problems with product requirements, including collecting sufficient information across customers, coaaching, and internal stakeholders to make product agils.

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A lot of tips, experience and insights shared. It Starts with You 1 Chapter 1: But the reader of uch a book would not know what to do about the million other problems he or she is likely to encounter as a coach or ScrumMaster.


They do not go away. It is probably a good entry level booked, but for an ex I acknowledge the significance of the book for the time of its publishing, but I find it largely lacking substance.

Every time one of these things happens, team dynamics will change, and the team will take a step back from high performance. Perhaps you will hear team members use the imagery you offered to create momentum-producing metaphors for themselves:. Coverage includes Understanding what it takes to be a great agile coachMastering all of the agile coach’s roles: No matter how closely you watch, you can’t quite aile out how she does it.

What behaviors need to change? If you are a hardcore scrum master, who is totally focused in on the artifacts of scrum and only scrum, you may find this book to broad for your tastes. Prior to agile, Adkins had more than fifteen years of expertise leading project teams and groups of project managers in large and small consulting firms, commercial software companies, and the Fortuneyet nothing prepared her for the power of agile done simply and well.

It’s mostly just expression of common sense backed up with the Agile paradigm. This makes her uniquely able to help others change their existing world to the agile world. It also provides advice on how to deal with Product Owners and team sponsors. If you’re just starting, it might be worth holding off for a while. More Agile Testing Janet Gregory.

Jun 20, Chris Wood rated it really liked it Shelves: Subscribe to our architect newsletter? The first fruits you may notice are these: Again, this could be argued as a good thing. One such image features a tree: She resolves the paradox of how coaching can help a team to self-organize, and shows how lyyssa nurturing environment can push teams to perform better than ever. It Starts with You Chapter 1. Coming up with ideas and dreams that lead to collaboration and innovation requires that team members assert their individuality Artful making [collaboration] requires building up individual ego in group members, while tearing down vanity.


Coverage includes Understanding what coacching takes to be a great agile coach Mastering all of the agile coach’s roles: Agilw coaches one-on-one adkijs in small groups, she enjoys a front-row seat as remarkable agile coaches emerge and go on to entice the very best from the teams and organizations they coach.

Hold yourself back, and if the problem becomes real later, deal with it then. Injustice can be eliminated, but human conflicts and natural limitations cannot be removed. It requires new skills—as well as a subtle understanding of when to step in and when to step back. Someone on the team will go on maternity leave, someone will get married and move away, and someone else will simply move on.

Also, it’s a little too much telling of how to be someone who doesn’t tell how to be cowching. Reading them several times over a period of time, and considering them carefully, is mandatory for any great agile coach. Perhaps the client has a calling, something important to share with the world.

Fresh from my own learning about the power of metaphor, I created the High Performance Tree see Figure 2.

Book Excerpt: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins

The Surprising Science of Motivation. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. Mar 13, Katarzyna Sikora-Smets rated it it was amazing Shelves: All in all, it took me several weeks to read the book as there was so much to absorb and my mind wasn’t ready for it all at once.

Apr 17, Kiryl Baranoshnik rated it liked it Shelves: Large-Scale Scrum Craig Larman.

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