Italian priest, humanist, rhetorician and orator Lorenzo Valla circulated in manuscript De falso credita et ementita Constantini Donatione declamatio, proving on. Lorenzo Valla () was the leading theorist of the Renaissance humanist movement. In On the Donation of Constantine he uses new philological. Lorenzo Valla () was the most important theorist of the humanist movement. His most famous work is On the Donation of Constantine, an oration in.

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Lorenzo Valla – Wikipedia

Nor can I be persuaded that these writers were other than either infidels, who did this to deride the Christians in case these bits of fiction handed out by crafty men to the ignorant should be accepted as true, or else believers with a zeal for God, to be sure, but not according to knowledge, men who did not shrink from writing shameless accounts not only of the acts of the saints but even of the mother of God, and indeed of Christ himself, nor from writing pseudo-gospels.

The Acts of Sylvester themselves are rank fables, written by a Greek and full of stuff about dragons and manifestly copied from ‘Bel and the Dragon’.

The Donation of Constantine Latin: Wolfram Setza recent editor of Valla’s work, has affirmed that at the time of Valla’s refutation, Constantine’s alleged “donation” was no longer a matter of contemporary relevance in political theory and that it simply provided an opportunity for an exercise lorsnzo legal rhetoric.

A History of the Popes. This work subjected the forms of Latin grammar and the rules of Latin style and rhetoric to a critical examination, and placed the practice of composition upon lorrnzo foundation of analysis and inductive reasoning. Remarkably, the core of Valla’s work is still sound, and his principles still of interest. Valla did some historical work and found the document using words that did not exist during the time of Constantine.

Yet the Acts lorenzk Sylvester appealed to by the forger suggest he hadn’t even thought of founding the city yet. The Decretum of Gratian exists in versions that do not include the Donation, and is included in material labelled separately within the MSS by ‘Palea’so it must have a separate history.


Donatioon record of coinage shows no transfer – coins continue to be struck in Latin for Constantine. A new pope fromNicholas V, was enthusiastic about the works and wisdom of the ancients.

His dialogue on pleasure contrasted the views of the Stoics and the Epicureans, Valla siding with the Epicureans, oof Stoicism was traditional among Christians. Yet Pope Gregory says that the Roman ruler differs from others, in that he alone rules a free people.

The Donation of Constantine and the critique of Lorenzo Valla

According to this document, the emperor Constantine in the 4th century had granted to Pope Sylvester I and his successors spiritual supremacy and temporal dominion over…. At the age of 27 he was in Naples and the king of Naples, Alfonso V, made him his secretary. Luther had a very high opinion of Valla and of his writings, and Cardinal Bellarmine calls him praecursor Lutheri, while Sir Richard Jebb says that his De Elegantiis “marked the highest level that had yet been reached in the critical study of Latin.

This usage refers to Dark Ages Rome, when consuls were not an office but a class. The document was used to justify it doing so.

He rejected this forgery, which purported to list the rights and properties conferred on Pope Sylvester I. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Valla addressed the question of the Donation of Constantinea document suspected of being inauthentic, a document that had been used by the Church since at least the 11th century to support the temporal power of the Papacy.

During the Middle Agesthe Donation was widely accepted as authentic, although the Emperor Otto III did possibly raise suspicions of the document “in letters of gold” as a forgery, in making a dontaion to the See of Rome. Help us improve conatantine article!

Donation of Constantine

Internet URLs are the best. It was not formally published until Contemporary opponents of papal powers in Italy emphasized the primacy of civil law and civil jurisdiction, now firmly embodied once again in the Justinian Corpus Juris Civilis. He next grants administrative rights to Sylvester and his successors over estates granted to churches throughout the empire.


There are records of the barbarians dispossessing the Caesars; none of the Pope’s being dispossessed. The story of the Donation had been circulating orally as a legend since the 6th century. It has been suggested that an early draft of the Donation of Constantine was made shortly after the middle of the 8th century, in order to assist Pope Stephen II in his negotiations with Pepin the Shortwho then held the position of Mayor of the Palace i.

Coleman understands the mention in the Constitutum of a donation of “the western regions” to refer to Lombardy, Venetia, and Istria. From Wikipedia, valka free encyclopedia. But a pagan emperor could not do such a thing.

On the Donation of Constantine

Thank You for Your Contribution! The second section of the forgery contains the actual donation: Pearl Harbor attack, December 7,surprise aerial attack on the U. Valla’s case was so convincingly argued that it still stands today, and the illegitimacy of the Donation of Constantine is generally conceded.

The Florentine chronicler Giovanni Cnostantine reported that, in the very year of Valla’s treatise, Filippo Maria ViscontiDuke of Milan, made diplomatic overtures toward Cosimo de’ Medici in Florence, proposing an alliance against the Pope.

Ultimately Valla entered Papal service himself. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. He argued that the practice of penance rested on Jerome’s use of the Latin word paenitenia penance for the Greek metanoiawhich he believed would have been more accurately translated as “repentance.

The evidence shows that Constantine was still ruling the West later than the document is supposed to have been made, and does not show Sylvester doing so. There was a problem with your submission. The English Historical Review 10 The text purports to be a legal document issued by the Emperor Constantine, transferring control of Italy and the western provinces to Pope Sylvester in gratitude for being cured of leprosy.

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