The Little Foxes has ratings and 64 reviews. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* said: I had no idea what I was getting into with this. The only thing I kne. Complete summary of Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Little Foxes. Analysis and discussion of characters in Lillian Hellman’s The Little Foxes.

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If Hellman had only created one strong character I would have felt the odds more in their favour. I used to think you were all sugar water. Seems to sound familiar these days. The story here is excellently crafted and doesn’t use too many words to say its piece. Hellman said to pal Goldwyn, no no Tallulah in film. Interestingly, this play feels like an inverse to the play I reviewed earlier in the year The Piano Lesson, in which a black family in the North is looking to invest backwards in the land that had once enslaved them.

A Candid Look at Broadway. Probably the most accessible of Hellman’s work so I have to recommend it to anyone wanting to read something in her oeuvre. Trivia About The Little Foxes.

The Little Foxes

Regina is left wealthy, but completely alone. Southern aristocrat Regina Hubbard Giddens Bette Davis struggles for wealth and freedom within the confines of an early 20th-century society where a father considered bellman sons as legal heirs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was adapted for the screen in The brothers are assholes. The final scenes of the film involve a dying Horace surrounded by family, a doctor and servants who await the chance he may survive. Retrieved March 13, Birdie represents the last vestiges of southern aristocracy, and its victimization. Conveniently Horace suffers with a bad heart, and the resourceful Regina finds a way to use his health to her advantage.


Rawls had made her Broadway debut as one of the students in Lillian Hellman’s play, The Children’s Hourwhich was also produced and directed by Herman Shumlin.

Bankhead disliked Hellman’s support of Russia against Nazi Germany and accused her of being a Communist. I can see why it would have possibly been chosen for the curriculum, but it’s not great by any means. First off, I found the first two acts incredibly boring.

Feb 04, Chandler Kuck rated it really liked it. The production was hellmaan by Artistic Director Laura Kepley. It was Willie’s intention that I give a different interpretation of the part. Horace is beset by his relatives the first hour of his homecoming, but refuses to commit himself. It’s a well-constructed play, but it’s a helluva bummer. I thought she meant that ‘this is a dog eat dog kind of world’ but i think that’s wrong.

Nov 28, Vanessa rated it liked it.

The Little Foxes (film) – Wikipedia

Regina argues with Horace about her contempt for him; and, when he suffers a heart attack, she makes no effort to get him his medicine from upstairs. She had an enormous influence on my writing, and her voice is forever in the back of my head, reminding me I can do better.

What does Addie mean when she says that there are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it? Oct 13, Leslie rated it liked it. Their greed is all consuming as they struggle to profit from exploiting what is left of the Old South after the Civil War.

I am curious now to read the prequel Another Part fooxes the F Excellent pot-boiler about family greed, back-stabbing, – saw the Broadway production with Laura Linney as Regina amazing! It was a little slice of Southern life. Brothers Ben and Oscar are investing in a cotton mill, but they need to raise capital from Horace, ailing husband of their sister Regina. I was trying to read only classics at the time. I love Lillian Hellman. Tallulah Bankhead played Regina on stage, Bette Davis in the film version.


I’ll be sued for libel. The movie was a smash hit in the United States and Europe. Paperbackpages. Then there are people who stand around and watch them eat it. It ran a total of performances.

Toxes see what your friends thought of this book, please lilliam up. The play’s focus is Southerner Regina Hubbard Giddens, who struggles for wealth and freedom within the confines of an early 20th-century society where fathers considered only sons as their legal heirs. I liked that each act began with a conversation between Addie and Cal. Can anyone tell me if, for one who dislikes Eugene O’Neill, this play is worth reading?

And that’s another reason that I found this play boring. Hellman is writing in part about the transition from old to new Lillia, and the advance of amoral capitalism. My favorite line from this play is “Are you scared Mama? I am curious now to read the prequel Another Part of the Forest which takes place 20 years earlier. They seem unequal to the task of holding on through fpxes play.

Of Bankhead’s performance, Hellman told interviewer Jan Albert in This, they hope, will come from Horace, who has been in the hospital with a heart ailment.

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