Liophis reginae, commonly known as the high woods coral, is a species of colubrid snake endemic to northern South America. species of reptile. Erythrolamprus reginae. edit Liophis × ; KB. 0 references. taxon name. Erythrolamprus reginae. 1 reference. PDF | We studied the diet of Liophis reginae semilineatus (Wagler, ) from eastern Amazon, Brazil, based on the analysis of preserved specimens.

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Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Feeding on a large quantity of eggs and tadpoles may be advantageous, because it may result in the comsumption of a large quantities of prey in a short period of time, with little exposure to predation.

The Reptiles of Reginad Dieta de Thamnodynastes strigatus Serpentes, Colubridae no sul do Brasil. Emmons, Guillermo Knell, Jennifer M. Berkeley, University of California Press, p.

Journal of Natural History 41 Can you confirm these amateur observations of Erythrolamprus reginae? Comportamento alimentar de jararaca, Bothrops jararaca: Amphibians and reptiles of the Hopkins-Branner expedition to Brazil. Ecological causes for the evolution of sexual dimorphism: It is the original image regunae by the contributor.


Habitat selection in snakes, p. Lizards of Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: SHINE suggested that the capture of small prey is a strategy for reducing the risk of being injured, minimizing energy spending. Zoological Series of Field Museum of Zoology liohpis Despite the fact that L.

Liophis reginae zweifeli

Sign in to our Contributor site. Presently, most of the area is disturbed NHM For digested prey, we estimated prey size based on anatomic parts using a regression analysis ZAR Ecology of an anuran-eating guild of terrestrial tropical snakes.

We examined preserved specimens of L. Annals of the Carnegie Museum 52 6: Cosenza, Ana Paula V. Nogueira, and Alexandre F. Ecology of a snake community in northeastern Brazil.

Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Journal of Herpetology 37 1: To test for the presence of sexual dimorphism, the following tests were used: We have no photos, try to find some by Google images search: Liophis de un bosque tropical relictual en el estado Barinas, Venezuela. A study from Liophks.


Check List 7 3: A total of individuals of L. The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles. Herpetological Review 30 4: The most common anurans found in the stomach contents were members of the Leptodactylidae six speciesBufonidae two speciesHylidae two species and Microhylidae one species.

Check List 6 2: Liophiss Journal of Zoology Collecta herpetologica no centro do Brasil.

Liophis reginae – Wikidata

Services on Demand Journal. Scientia Guaianae, Caracas, No. Consumption of larger prey could help avoid intersexual competition and increase the likelihood of energetic gain SHINE

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