Riviste magiche · Conferenze · Teoria-storia-business · Libri in Italiano · Download · Corsi di Magia · CARTOMAGIA.. Magia con le carte · Mazzi di carte. LIBRI IN LINGUA ORIGINALE · LA TUA VIDEOTECA. Novità. Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. Ceriani – Libro. 17,00 €. La strada maestra alla cartomagia on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher, Troll Libri. Language, Italian. Package Dimensions, x.

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These incredible effects are explained step by step with the best quality video and the best possible teacher.

La strada maestra alla cartomagia : Frederick Braue :

To find out more: Visualizzati su articoli. Ultimi articoli in magazzino.

The performer shows two small wooden boards and asks to a spectator examine them. Each card is rumored to have a little piece of Dracula’s soul. For whenever you need to throw out “something or nothing” literally. It’s Paul Gordon’s very best writing, very best production and very best magic.

Halloween Themed Christmas Themed. Cartmagia book is beautiful hardback. The Tommy Pad is without question one of the most innocent looking impression pads available for the close up and cabaret performer.

  APC AP7921 PDF

We believe you can safely escape from that nasty swamp This attractive booklet features nine effects from the creator of “Reveal.

Imagine making all three coins disappear in front of the spectator’s eyes. The response to Gold Dust in was and is truly overwhelming. Included with purchase, but to be released in the future, we will provide instructions for the best “Any Named Card to Wallet” to date, and a method libr produce a named card fr.

These matts are designed to be rolled up and unrolled at a performance.

libri di magia in PDF… – Da Che Pulpito?

Designed specifically for card magic, the cards in this deck feature a mnemonic card stack order for you to perform powerful card magic straight out of the pack! The deck is given to someone to hold between their hands.

Con “Cartomagia non Convenzionale” potrai realizzare uno spettacolo di cartomagia senza mai toccare il mazzo. This series will focus on several historical events where life and death was a major factor. The response to Gold Dust in was and is truly overwhelming.

Consumabili Accessori Effetti speciali fuoco-fumo-suono Tavoli-tappetini-valigette Poster-Oggettistica-Collezionabili. One that keeps going and going?


Strix Magic

What entails is some magic a. And most probably, your spectator will keep it and always remember this magical moment!

But because you are a magician, the Sharpie nevertheless penetrates that small hole – by magic! All new method, no switch! Give the coin a squeeze!

A ‘relic’ from Transylvania.

La strada maestra alla cartomagia

Well, I know I said Quidnunc was to be my last book, but I just couldn’t help myself! Imagine that you can make all three coins appear on the table without the spectator noticing anything! This site uses cookies for the purposes indicated in cookie policy. A ‘relic’ from Transylvania. Gold Dust Finale contains some real gems. Cups and balls is probably the oldest magic trick that we have come to know.

It was created by Mattia Santangelo and designed by An. This adds great depth to your show. The curious thing is that he immediately knew he had a very specific idea – he wanted to have a representation of a w.

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