Le Grimoire d’Armadel peut donc être perçu comme une sorte de “grimoire .. Il y est aussi enseigné s’ils possèdent le libre-arbitre ; et de quelle manière. Durante dos fines de semana ha sido publicado el link al “Liber Armadel”, una edición revisada que incluía entre sus páginas, el Sello. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Liber armadel sen totius The Grimoire of Armadel / [translated by] S. L MacGregor Mathers. p. cm.

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There is also herein taught how the whole may be communicable unto and in Thee, and as regardeth Thee in a profound and wonderful manner, through the Combinations of the Letters which be in the Great Central Triangle, between the Small Orb and Triangle. I beseech Thee to send armxdel me the Spirit here give the name of the Spirit of the here give the name of of class or Order of Spirits Order, who may inform and teach me concerning those lliber which I shall demand of him, nevertheless not my Will, but Thine, be done, through Thine Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ.

He is to be invoked on a Tuesday.

They who fear the Lord have put their trust in the Lord, He is their helper and defender. He can do much for those who invoke him, but it must not be in the desert place. He serveth you faithfully in all that you desire to know. In this Sigil there be taught what are lober the abuses of Necromancy which may expose a man to danger through such communication; whether such communication atmadel have such virtue as to link you unto the Angels and unto God, and to confer upon you power over all creatures, or the union of the love of all beings with the most profound and familiar knowledge of them, or whether it file: He will teach you all the Wisdom of our First Father.

For at once and in unity these three which be united together do then become Intellectual Action. Would that my life were directed to the safeguard of thy justification. O Saint Michael bring thine aid unto all mine Operations, for who is like unto the Lord of Virtues; and assuredly there is none else but my Lord God, the only Great and terrible over all who be in His Army, for hereunto by vow are they vowed unto my Lord God Jesus, Who possesseth and defendeth me by His Grace.


Also in all this Science thou shalt observe the Combinations of the Letters, of Geometry, and Gilgud or of their Numbers, in thy searching examination of all Sigils.

Also there is herein shown how they can take such forms, and from what media, and what methods they make use of to do so. Avail not yourself armzdel their services.

Wherefore adore the Lord God and love thy neighbour file: Is it also such a fast which the Lord hath chosen to afflict thee by day, through the depth and multitude of my iniquities, whereby 1 have excited thy wrath, and have done evil before thee unintentionally, also 1 have kept thy commands. Thus is his Character see Figure 5. If among all these so many armdel found similar that they may be perfected hereunto, it will be the same concerning His people.

But shouldest thou make an abuse hereof, then shall it be unto thee as a most heavy and scandalous thing and shall bring about the utter ruin of all thy worldly possessions, of thy body, of thine intellect, and of thy Soul.

Editions du Monolithe

He teacheth an infinitude of matters with facility. And there is a certain proportion of fat joined thereunto preserving the Spirits thereof. And in the Name of the Lord he said unto them: He is to be invoked on a Tuesday at Midnight, care being taken to fast the day that you shall wish to avail your self of his services. There is also taught the reason of the laws of such virtues and of their uses.

Is there not sought in the Imagination those things which one hath not known, and is there not pleasure in the excitation thereof? If you shalt desire to know thoroughly these Paths of Perfect and Profound Wisdom together with their Mysteries; remember the combinations of writings in the Sigil He which is in the centre of the figure of the Heart. In this Sigil there be taught what are the Devils or Angels of Darkness; how they can be known and understood by their proper Names; and how they are to be distinguished from the Angels.


Le Corbeau Noir ou La Triple Contrainte de l’Enfer.

Nisi Dominus Operitus nobiscum in vanum laborant qui operantur. Take note of this: He hath much power to render those rich who avail themselves of his services. Also the Mysterious Operations of such Angels, both as regardeth ourselves and our actions.

Sancte Petre ad glorium et utilitatem proximi ure in me omnes iniquitates meas. He armafel much in his power, and on your demand he will tell you the extent thereof. Thus are his Characters see Figures 32 and They who avail themselves hereof will possess all things in content. The faculties of the Mind and Understanding are purified, and these also in such a manner that they liberr be exalted from the lowest degree unto that which is most perfect of all.

Turn then, O my Soul and humble thyself before the Lord thy God. Also whether and how from their Names their actions and operations can be known.

O Saint Paul, be thou propitious unto my prayer. Deprecor Domine Deus Meus Omnipotens in conspectu Tuo Operatio mea et comittentier mihi et armaadel mea sanctissimi here follow a collection of scratches evidently intended to represent Hebrew Letters which I imagine are intended to stand for the words:

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