The leJOS NXJ Tutorial. Simplified Chinese. The leJOS NXJ Tutorial is a practical guide on how to program the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT � in Java using. The tutorial will teach you how to write Java programs that control a variety of leJOS NXJ is a Java programming environment for the LEGO MINDSTORMS. The leJOS Tutorial. A practical guide for developers with examples and trails– groups of lessons on a particular subject.

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Many of the steps like installing libusb etc. You can verify this in the device manager. When your NXT has tutogial updated, you will be asked: In the first line add: Your email address will not be published. The classes are then merged together into a single file, namely HelloWorld. If you want to communicate with the NXT over Bluetooth, you will need a Bluetooth dongle or built-in support on your PC, and oejos Bluetooth software stack.

Tutorial on how to install and run Java on Lego Mindstorms NXT using Eclipse

Then open a command prompt and execute the following command in the directory in which you created HelloWorld. Next, you need to turn this project into a Lejos project. If you select “Yes” all current files on the NXT are erased.


You can achieve this by simply saving the file. We will now replace the original firmware that came with your NXT with Lejos. We will install Eclipse, which does lejod at least this version. The Windows installer will automatically sets all three environment variables for you. When you have finished click “No” and the flash utility will terminate and then the installer will terminate, and you are done.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Christian Demuth Rsamussen March 15, You will need to run command-line commands to test your installation and optionally to flash the firmware. However, you may chose to omit the documentation it is also available online or you may chose to install any of the additional sources.

Lejos will then function as the operating system of your NXT.

Getting Started on Microsoft Windows

John May 29, Note that Inno Setup is the open source software we have used to produce the installer. To do that, use the following command:.

This section described the manual install without the GUI installer. You will then see: BlueCove nxjj shutdown completed does someone know what should i do? Add the following lines to the main method: This got rid of the second error. However, before that file can be executed, it needs to be uploaded to the NXT brick. After i follow the above steps, can my NXT brick still work with its own software or it is permanently programmed to execute java instructions?


The Lejos library will now be listed.

Tuyorial later also depends on each specific computer model. Raymond April 8, Has anyone else had trouble with NXT 1. It should look like the image below. However, it is possible to revert to the original Lego firmware either by using the Software provided by Lego or by using nxjflash. You now need to to enter a few lines of Java code. Marcellin March 17, I am trying to install lejos on the NXT brick.

Writing and Running your first leJOS NXJ Program

Ljeos you help out a novice who is trying to implement Robotics into a Primary School? Skip to the section below on testing your installation. It is a good idea to select this as old.

The NXT will then play a soft pulsing sound that signals its readiness. If the installation continues, you lejis see the next page of the installer: Note, that this page is skipped if no additional sources have been selected.

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