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Yes, I feel terrible for all those terrorists who instruftions feel bad about people not liking them. Rest assured there were many conservative Americans who felt very, very differently. I think what bothers me is that the guy under the wheel is unarmed.

The act of creation has consequences both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences.

Either the photo shows a military force happily slaughtering civilians or it shows them gruesomely murdering an unarmed enemy. For everyone to assume that the minifig under the wheel has no weapon because one is not displayed is as silly as saying that because he appears Arab he must be a terrorist. Thanks for making me aware of my tone.

This is your blog and you can and should feel free to showcase what you will. You might not like it. We have words for those kinds of people or that kind of behavior. This is one of those things we can choose to be offended by or not — and either POV is fine, so long as you respect those who feel differently.


Moreover there is absolutely no reason to think that, in the context of this work, the fig in the head wrap is anything BUT a terrorist. Does being run over by American military hardware make a person a terrorist? I think that it is not the fact that this picture is political, it is the fact that this picture is encouraging one side of a very controversial war. I thought the ninja mechanic was fixing the axle and the soldier is calling for help because the jack collapsed.

On the other hand, perhaps only an internal conversation is better? Nobody is saying you need to feel terrible for terrorists.

HUMVEE Instructions

I think the opinions and outrage are more indicative of persons own bias and predjudices than that of the creator of this MOC. I figured it was a device, but I take issue with the intent of that device.

I understand it was meant to be lighthearted, but this really is indicative of a greater problem, namely the association of Muslims with terrorism and vice versa. It is also a cop-out: With that said, I think where I come down is in full support of both blogging such a fantastic build, and the editorial disclaimer that comes with it.

Good guys wear white hats. I’m flat out embarrassed that people are bringing racism into this discussion at all.

Lego Humvee with instructions | The Brothers Brick | The Brothers Brick

Actually, let me find it for you: Its about the fact that this photo show legi human being happy with the suffering and death of another one. Also, what Catsy said. The Ranger of Awesomeness: Maybe it is an attack on an unarmed civilian. That and the fact that you managed to get realistic working doors into a mini-figure scale moc really shows that you can cram alot of small detail into a small moc. This is what racism is like for those on the receiving end, llego in a way to reach the largest group of readers on this blog.


The US military has shown an extraordinary amount of compassion and friendliness in trying to win over local people in an effort to make removal of the terrorist organizations run as smoothly as possible. Unless we intend to set the practices of fanatic murderers as the standard for our own conduct.

HUMVEE Instructions | Instructions for HUMVEE with independe… | Flickr

Tyler has explained his literal meaning…. This sort of statement is not helpful. What cracks me up is how many people seem to be taking this the wrong way. I apologize to anyone who mistook my post for anything other than an opinion, and as a discounting of other opinions.

instruuctions The builder of the MOC has been quite ready to discuss it calmly and intelligently. I think the image of what is supposed to be a Middle Eastern terrorist crushed under the wheel of a military vehicle while the soldier smiles and gives a thumbs up is sufficiently controversial that only a few would really chide you for shying away from it.

You might love it.

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