Morten Lauridsen – Lux Aeterna – The Choral Music of Morten Lauridsen – Chamber Choir of Europe – Nicol Matt. Lux aeterna was greeted by The Times after its London premiere thus: ‘a ‘ Conventional choral wisdom suggests that the American Morten Lauridsen is a. Lux aeterna. (). by Morten Lauridsen. Description: SATB choir with chamber orchestra, or organ (separate organ part necessary); Duration: 27; Genres.

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Voici le soir Rilkeadded in Instead of light, hope and serenity, the Madrigali are haunted by darkness, yearning and, at times, profound despair. Complete list s s s s. Their motive, drawn from the second work in Lauridsen ‘s cycle Les chansons des roses Songs of Rosesrecurs throughout the work in various incarnations.

This severe chorale casts a shadow over the music that is dispelled by succeeding movement, the radiant O nata lux for a cappella chorus, the text of which is a hymn originally sung during Lauds on the Feast of the Transfiguration. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

And What Of Love. Lauridsen had pondered the creation of his Lux aeterna for chorus and orchestra for an extended period before the work began to crystallize in Bass 1 Bass 2.

A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen. Following the introduction, the chorus enters, a cappella, closely spaced and hushed. Jazz Latin New Age. Lauridsen uses the beginning and ending of the traditional Requiem Mass to open and close Lux Aeterna. Yet the technical difficulties they present to the performer are disguised from the listener by a seamless sense of purpose which unites the cycle into a whole of stunning effect.

After the orchestral motifs from the beginning reenter, the movement concludes with the chorus intoning their opening theme, this time accompanied by a solo cello. This timelessness can bring home to the listener the recognition of his or her own mortal journey. Cast as five movements performed without lhx, Lux aeterna is organized as an extended motet, for each new portion of the text calls forth a different musical response.


A non-liturgical Requiem of sorts, Lux Aeterna became an lauridsem favorite for its lyrical melodies, poignant harmonies, and tonal consistency. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Aeternaa and Privacy Policy. November 15, 2,th Hit: His music has an overall lyricism and is tightly constructed around melodic and harmonic motifs. O Nata Lux IV.

In te, Domine, Speravi. His musical approaches are very diverse, ranging from direct to abstract in response to various characteristics subject matter, language, style, structure, historical era, etc. O magnum mysterium is pervaded by the same tenderness aeterma refinement found in Lux aeterna; indeed, this refulgent work was written injust before Lauridsen began to contemplate the composition of the larger score.

Morten Lauridsen | Lux Aeterna

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Here’s a three- perhaps four-work wonder! The five-movement work for chorus and orchestra is laurdsen around several Latin texts addressing the idea of light. In this light-filled continuum of sacred texts, old world structures and new world spirit intertwine in a cunningly written score, at once sensuous and spare.

To walk in the evergreen forests and along the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, as Morten Lauridsen loves to do, is to experience infinite variations of light. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Their music-making remains in heavenly realms throughout the virtuoso Madrigali: In this motet, Lauridsen subtly adapts the plainchant melody, adorning it with contrapuntal elaborations that create laurifsen glowing nimbus of sound. The close-voiced homophony of the chorus gives way to more independent polyphony, which reaches a peak with the quoting of a motive from Lauridsen ‘s motet “O magnum mysterium” and then subsides into the opening texture.


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Morten Lauridsen – Wikipedia

Lauridsen composed the requiem Lux Aeterna inthe year his mother died. Over recordings of works by Morten Lauridsen have been released, including five that have received Grammy nominations. The hushed “Agnus Dei” precedes the return of the opening motive in cellos and basses, and the work concludes with the satisfying return of the music from the Introitus.

Unified by an emphasis upon heavenly light, Lux aeterna opens and concludes with lines from the Requiem Mass, while the three central movements are drawn from the Te Deum with a single line interpolated from the Beatus vir, Psalm Occupying a similarly opulent laurisden to Lux aeternathe three Latin motets which conclude this disc are truly modern masterpieces in the traditional motet genre.

Aeternq a manner that hearkens back to Dunstable and Taverner, these polyphonic passages are contrasted with sections reminiscent of the homophonic fauxbourdon beloved by Renaissance composers. National Medal of Arts recipients s.

Just as Palestrina and Victoria vary the disposition of triads in their motets to ensure variety of colour and texture, so Lauridsen constantly reconstitutes this basic luminous sonority, producing an effect at once unified and kaleidoscopic. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Unison singing at the phrase O lux beatissima O most blessed light encourages our hearts with the humble insight necessary to petition on behalf of those we have lost. Views Read Edit View history.

Dans son cycle choral Madrigali: None are quite as exquisitely nuanced or sung with such glowing vocal sheen as this.

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