Buy a cheap copy of Hidden Meanings: A Study of the Founding book by Laird Scranton. A look at the close resemblance between the creation and structure of . Get this from a library! Hidden meanings: a study of the founding symbols of civilization. [Laird Scranton]. Hidden meanings: a study of the founding symbols of civilization. Responsibility: Laird Scranton. Imprint: [United States]: Xlibris, c Physical description.

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We first met in a group meeting in London in Sam Copley’s house lairs How could the Dogon talk of the twin star system of Sirius and correctly estimate that the dwarf star Sirius B completes a rotation of Sirius A in approximately 50 years, when the location of Sirius B was detected just a few decades ago.

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Furthermore, the Dogon share important religious rituals — such as the wearing of skull caps and prayer shawls, the practice of circumcision, and the observance of a Jubilee year — in common with Judaism as well as ancient Egypt. The Science of the Dogon.


The history of just about everything is written by the winners, it is invariably difficult to gauge, to judge, sometimes even to know, that a battle has taken place or that one is under way.

It is these same abiding similarities in world myth and symbol that give rise to the study of comparative cosmology — a discipline in which similar symbolic systems are closely compared as a technique for revealing potential new insights into the nature of ancient cosmology.

Often the symbols and language have a dual meaning that is not instinctive, and yet he finds that dual meaning crossing ancient cultures.


We were good friends and we used to go out drinking together in the pubs. Now the android phones come with the astonishing audio player and its quality is super amazing. They observe the same calendars as the ancient Egyptians, and the Dogon priests maintain a mode of dress similar to that of the ancient Egyptian priests. This book is indispensable to anyone seeking answers about our origins.

This is the fifth in his series of books, tracing the true origins of civilization through symbols and language.

Laird Scranton On Fade To Black | Jimmy Church Radio

John Anthony West Foreword. Plus, I’m really into non-fic that thinks outside the box where the ancients are concerned and I like using research material for my past life fiction writing. October 31, Harold Williams Technology.


You can access Mr. Truth is always bitter, and the bitter truth is our tribal ancients of or more years ago had far greater scientific knowledge and facts than we do today. There is some new material covered as well, but it is necessary for anyone who hasn’t read the previous books.

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Where Did the Road Go?

Decoding the African Mystery Tradition. About Laird Scranton Laird Scranton is an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language. The Dogon cosmological system conveys scientific meaning through a complex system of mythological themes, symbols, storylines, and words.

The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol: A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization. Another fabulous book on ancient myths and symbols by one of the masters in the field.

He said, I would like to see that. Laird Scranton Sacred Symbols of the Dogon 13, Laird Scranton is the author of a series of books and other writings on ancient cosmology and language. But as the book progresses ,aird arguments seem more and more tenuous. You need not go meaningx any office or place; relaxing on the couch you could perform this job and earn a handsome amount.

The book is awesome.

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