El Festival Boreal celebra en la edición número 11 de este evento que crece y se convierte en imprescindible en el circuito de festivales canarios y en. Lagenda. Guía de ocio de Tenerife Contacto: [email protected] a. org · posts · 1, followers · following · Image may contain: 2 people. Lagenda, Guía de Ocio de Tenerife con toda la actualidad cultural de la isla: música, teatro, arte, cine, exposiciones, cursos, naturaleza.

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The mystery of the Güímar Pyramids in Tenerife

It is a famous and tourist zoo and a collection of privately owned tropical plants. Places of obligatory visit are the old town of La Orotava, the small town of Garachico, the Isla Baja, Teno, the southern town of Arafo, or the highest town in Spain, Vilaflor. All a different and unforgettable experience.

The coasts are, in general, rugged and abrupt, although they are more in the north than in the south. Another species that enjoys certain fame is the moray, which is usually served fried.

In the municipality of La Guancha and San Juan de la Rambla we can find accesses to the sea in strong waves. Tenerjfe Applicable Facebook Likes: It combines modern technology with the mystery of the Kingdom of Siam. XX and nothing more on C8N. Gofio The gofio is one of the traditional elements of Canarian cuisine and particularly of Tenerife.

Artificial beach, is composed of fine blonde sand and has a breakwater that protects it from currents and waves. A unique environment of cliffs frames this beach of meters in length. Our analytics tool is included within the Trendsmap Pro and Premium subscriptions, and enables you to dig deeper into any topic on Twitter. The farm receives hundreds of children every year from the schools in the south of the island. Among the most appreciated species are the old ones, and also, among others, the sama, the bocinegro, the salema, the cherne, the grouper … They also emphasize the different types of tuna that abound in its coasts.


As an anecdote, we can point out that the cheese was even used as a currency of exchange and purchase. Cheeses As soon as the conquest of the islands was completed, one of the first economic activities that started immediately was the development and market of cheese. The town that gives a name to the pyramids is situated at the south of the island.

See the most recent activity, as well as find the tweets where a topic first started Media and Links: You can also register via Facebook or Instagram. The content of the pot can obviously vary but is rich in vegetables, legumes and meats.


Display Domain Stats or Pagerank Widget for this domain on your website. Both on the coast, in the midlands or in lagendx areas, the island has a wide network of trails, cataloged by difficulty and distance of lagehda, most of them with a great landscape value and that do not leave indifferent the visitor who travels them.

Just login with your preferred social media account: Confectionery The confectionery in Tenerife is represented and strongly influenced by the palm tree confectionery, with delicacies such as bienmesabe, roast milk, Prince Albert, frangollo, eggs moles, quesillo and a long etcetera.

Is an idyllic place to practice sports such as hiking or biking, and it also has great natural reserves. This wide beach lwgenda also composed of fine black sand.


Traffic Report Daily Unique Visitors: Playa de Los Patos: With this guarantee mark, we try to make known the main qualities of cheese, enhance the product and improve its marketing. The gardens have many of the endemic species of the islands, and all the plants are identified with their common and scientific names. Highest conversation Top Locations: This is also the natural place that has the greatest amount of endemic species in Europe. There are many leisure options offered by the island, from nightlife, nightclubs, pubs, etc.

More information about Tenerife leisure in.

Lagenda | Agenda de eventos en Tenerife

In the municipalities of Buenavista del Norte, Los Silos and Garachico we can find a lot of intertidal pools, coves, bathing areas among the rocks, although the vast majority of these are artificial. In the meat section, a very popular dish is the typical fiesta meat marinated pork tacos that is prepared for the celebrations of the towns in ventorrillos fair stallsbars and private homes. It is a domain having. See where the topic is tweeted about most overall Conversation: The interactive media viewer allows you to browse through tweets, media, links, and accounts in full detail.

Enjoy our friendly and funny camels, walking with them surrounded by a unique tsnerife landscape in the south of Tenerife. Playa de Las Teresitas: It is common to be accompanied with mojo and wrinkled potatoes.

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