Data IC LA Data Voltage PIN 1. SIF OUTPUT V PIN 2. IF AGC FILTER 0V PIN 3. SIF INPUT V PIN 4. FM FILTER V PIN 5. LA PIN 1= SIF OUTPUT [V DC] PIN 2= IF AGC FILTER PIN 3= SIF INPUT [V DC] PIN 4= FM FILTER PIN 5= FM OUTPUT [V~V] PIN 6= AUDIO. Part Number: LA Function: 64Pin LA for Color Television Receiver / SERVICE MANUAL. Maker: Unspecified Pinouts: LA

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At this point with a confirmed color signal source, there is a problem with the chroma circuitry. This is applied both to the analytic procedures as well as to precautions with respect to probing the equipment. Concerning to the phase and the width of blanking pulse, as before waveform is made up and designed suitably in Ls76931s input circuit.

Note that to the average datashewt, the obvious question becomes: Safety first – know the hazards associated with the equipment you are troubleshooting. Excessive ringing or other corruption would indicate a problem in the flyback,yoke, or elsewhere. The flyback rectifiers esp. The maximum input for this pin is 96dBu.


This applies mostly to TV s, computer and video monitors, some AC operated strobe lights, and other line connected devices. Sync Tip Voltage is 1. This is should not affect the behaviour much until the failure occurs. The main filter capacitor C is very important. This must be done in a controlled mannernot just a hard shutoff to minimize stress on the HOT-but that is another story.


la 7n datasheet Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

In all casethe power to the horizontal output transistor HOT of the horizontal deflection system is obtained directly from the DC voltage power supply.

Don t let your TV work for a long time as this failure appears. Dxtasheet adjustment 2 Select pre-shoot width This function can adjust the pre-shoot component of the Y signal.

This risk is most likely with the power circuity in amplifiers, TV s and monitors, or la76931z level circuits in VCRs. For understanding the working of the deflection circuit regard the flyback transformer as a inductor.

la76931 service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit

Some possibilities in no particular order: One alternative is simply to cut the wire in a location that is well away from any place to short out, solder, and then do a most excellent job of insulating the splice. Always use an isolation transformer when working on a TV because this is especially important-for your safety – when dealing with the non- isolated line operated Power supply. If vertical deflection circuit does not work, this kind of failure will happen.

Note that this is not be the same as what is commonly called linearity which would likely affect only one side or gradually change across the screen. XT1,XT2 The sample oscillation circuit characteristics in the table below is based on the following conditions: Thencheck the voltage on both sides with a high impedance voltmeter.


Select a work area which is wide open, well lighted and where dropped parts can be located – not on a deep pile shag rug. One arrives the collector of V through ls76931s and pin7 of T, the other arrives the base of V through startup resistance R, R,Rlimiting resistor R Larger beam current requires that the HOT be switched on earlier.

(PDF) LA76931 Datasheet download

The PTC thermister heats up, increase in resistanceand smoothly decrease to nearly zero over a couple of seconds. This is called the average beam current limiter. This is the flat-top la76931x of self – excitation pulse.

On the contrary conditionit just reverse. We recommend using together with LA serial.

The fly-back pulse is input via R1 and R2. Color killer set too high internal control if it has one.

Over modulation adjust switch 0: With modular systems like component stereos and computers, narrowing down a problem to a single unit should be the first priority.

This means that also the switch -on moment of the HOT will vary with the load. Try to remember that the problems with the most catastrophic impact on operation- a dead TV usually have the simplest solutions.

At approximately mid-scan, the current passes through zero and changes polarity from minus to plus.

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