Intro. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese for “Martial. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit (Wing Chun Sayings). GGM Ip Man (Ip Man, 葉問) was the first Chinese martial arts SiFu to teach Wing Chun openly. While we know him. IntroWing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese.

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Make the first move to take control. Sink the elbows, the shoulders, and the waist. Na – Seizing Those who completely master the system are among the very few. Execute three moves together. View Edit Rename History Print.

Persistent attacks will surely gain you entry. Be fast with your fist. Once commenced, it cannot be stopped.

Ouen well trained waist can prevent loss of balance.

Punch from the heart. Be commanding kun your fighting demeanor. Zhan – vibrate, Beware of sneak attacks, leakage attacks and invisible centerline attacks.

Hoi Tschung Sat Loi Chum Always find weakness of your opponent from an apparent solid defence meaning that there are always weaknesses in your opponent, no matter how strong.


It is like watching flowers when he is further away; Striking when he is near. While masters of self-defense declare that real experience is the best teacher, Wing Chun proverbs do excel as wonderful reminders and clues to the mastery of the martial art. This refers to the genuineness of the martial art and reads, “Wing Chun authentically passing down.

Wing Chun Kuen Kuit

Join or Log Into Facebook. Jeet – Intercept Huai kjen spiral Take advantage of any available opportunity. Chum Kiu guides the way.

It is never resisted or knocked away, but accepted and adhered to. A strong attitude and posture gives an advantage over your opponent. Be steady with your breathing and strength. Know yourself and your opponent, and you will khit win.

Tschoi Tschung Bei Chung Choy Forward movement should be taken from avoidance from the direct confrontation. Lau – Leak or Sliding-in 7. Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma is the main stance.

Attack according to current conditions, being alive and always changing. Commit all these to memory!

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There are maxims, training proverbs and sayings for all Wing Chun forms. Ja – Grasping 5. Pass on the tradition. Whenever kicking, the heels face each other. Once commenced, it cannot be stopped.


Wing Chun Kuen Kuit – Free Download PDF

Lead him into emptiness; To strike first has its reasons; In the encounter is embedded the mystery! The true words of the originator: Lui lao hui soong; Lut sau jik Ken – As my opponnet comes, I recieve him; As they leave, I escort them; Upon loss of contact, I charge straight forward 3.

Be forceful when applying power. The thrusting and fast attacks are well suited for closing in.

Do not collide with a strong opponent; with a weak opponent use a direct frontal assault. Bo lay tao, dao fu san, tiet kiu sau – Glass head, bean-curd body, iron bridges Attack according to timing.

Comprehend the principles of Yin and Yang. When turning, the hands and body act together. Strength originates from the heels. Chum Kiu – Chum Kiu trains the stance and the waist; the arm bridge is short and the step is narrow.

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