Unit List WIP; Special rules Kroot Mercenaries WIP Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make one attack per fight . Include Knarloc Rider series and Kroot Master Shaper in upcoming Codex Great Knarloc variations, Kroot Master Shaper and Anghkor Prok of the Kroot Army in are petitioning to have rules in the upcoming codex () for the said Kroot. After hearing that, my friend agreed to let me alter the rules. Greater Knarloc[ pts] – Heavy Support (Requires a Kroot Carnivore Squad).

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Oaka Finished the models required to field a full Beast unit: And there is usually a prize for Best Painted and Best Army, so those are my new goals. Called the Fogbank Missile Pod, the missiles payload was extensively modified to maximise range, stability and accuracy, allowing it to act as a weaker variant of the Seeker Missile for use in extended campaigns where supplies could krot low, while being outfitting with the drone intelligence of the Smart-Missile-System allowed it be fired at targets beyond gfeat wielders Line of Sight without the aid of Markerlight targeting data.

This kroot has huge wood.

Oaka – click to view full reply. Oaka I got around to completing my fifth and for now final shaper equipped with an eviscerator. It has been a very long process from my first concept to this point, but it’s a great centerpiece to the army. Particularly like the ‘Eaters of the Dead’ very fluff based! Love your succubus and avatar conversions, neat ideas. Great Knarlocs have multiple wounds at a high toughness, fleet of foot, and rending all for a reasonable points cost.

Your most recent projects are very well done and I especially love the fist weapon on your Harlequin Heroes.

Discussion on Knarloc Riders and Great Knarlocs (if they had point values) : Tau40K

Now, onto the legs. The rest of the green stuff is just to fill in the horribly molded metal figure. Kroot Mercs are a force who needs to return. This weapon may target units that are not visible to the bearer.


Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition

Oaka Here is the work I have been doing on the legs, first up, some green stuff to fill in the cracks on the scales: But now that it is ive looked at it and feel its totally broken. There is a tournament on December 10 and I need to finish a second webway portal, a couple razorwing flocks, and a death jester for the list I hope to take.

Special rule added to Baggage Knarloc entry. Briancj I really want to have my Kroot meet your Kroot. Please add your thoughts, and if anyone has a good method for doing undead skin I’m all ears. If you look at things like SM bike squads, 25ish points seems about right for points-per-model. Im also musing with the idea of doing a Lost n Damned list on my own in the future, but not sure when. In the games I have played using this list, a unit of trueborn with blasters coming out of a webway portal has done very well for me.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Got our work cut out for us now for the Cult dexes.

If all goes well the rider torsos will be interchangeable to make different types of characters. Oaka It’s about time that I started a blog for this army as I am beginning to work on it on a semi-consistent basis, now. Over on the 30K side of things we have everything a 40K Ad-Mech player could ever dream of. Ynneadwraith Ok these look really cool I’ve always liked Kroot, and want to make a small mercenary kindred myself.

This variant was to become the Scorpionfish missile gunship and it carries no less than a full complement of Submunition, Seeker, Tracer and Smart Missiles, as well as direct-firing Missile Pods. An automoton for every budget…. I began re-writing the Dark Eldar codex to fit in with the Kroot fiction, and dropped every vehicle choice except the Venom. I think that’d nail it as being “Kroot”, for me anyway.


Mont’Ka Pattern Lasgun One of the many hidden concerns of the Ethereal caste when the Gue’vesa deserters were folded into the Tau Empire’s Warforce was that they held no certain guarantee that they would not turn traitor on the Fire Caste during any battles in which they were deployed.

Oaka I just wanted to update this blog to let anyone interested know that I have updated the codex to include sixth edition FAQsas well as some Eldar allies. Fieldcraft rule clarified, Sixth Sense rule made clearer. I also left the greatt sockets untouched and used a paler, single color for the quill highlights and skin spots.

I also made a buckle for the rear strap to match the Forgeworld model. There are some really interesting and original models here. Some Tau commanders have started to use Gue’Vesa in a sniper role.

I have also added some images on my first post of models that I plan to treat as Eldar allies.

Also, I’m dules for a neat name to call it in the Kroot codex- Kroot Hydra just doesn’t work. That’s a beaut of a job, and you’ve found fluff and rules choices that fit really well.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Earthbeard – click to view full reply. The Xenos overran us. This is wonderful demonstration of patience and dedication.

J-paint – click to view full reply. I still have grreat the bits I purchased for Inquisitor Krooteaz, and he will be finished one day solely out of principle. Automatically Appended Next Post: That unit may be set up anywhere on the battlefield that is at least 9″ away from any enemy units.

Most of these stats are pulled from the old Merc dex, and FW additions.

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