Ruling Planets and Krishnamurti Paddhati 2 – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Prof K S Krishnamurti. Pt Akash (BE Electronics) Nakshatra Jyotish Ratna Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: , h. . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Maina Bhatnagar is an Indian is a tarot card.

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The Day ruler is to be considered from one Sunset to another only and should not be changed at midnight as a day is considered from one Sunset to another sunset. Except Rahu-Ketu all others assist in Trine aspect and offer its house results and help the occupant i.

KP Astrology is all about being able to anticipate events using Krishnamurthi Paddhati of Astrology and Shrikrishna Paddhati in combination. Planets indicate the ways and means of the results based on its location in the respective houses. Here is the list of articles: Astrologer Krishnamurti had developed this technique in order to revolutionize predictions in Astrology. We are all aware that a measuring tool would also need some Units of measure then its sub-units followed by a sub-sub part of it.

Saravali: Krishnamurti Paddhati

Events after a month: If RP selected according to item 1were to be in the Sub of a Retrograde planet then also this Ruling Planet is not useful. RP’s are used to fix the date of realization of an event under consideration without resorting to the Horoscope or Horary, but using that particular moment of time to calculate these RP’s. Thus when a Planet is said to be placed in a house it shall be placed in one of the Stars as per its current location in degrees.


Hence while selecting Ruling planets these conditions are to be observed. The Sensitive degree formed or arrived by using Ruling Planets, when transited by the lagna degree, the exact hour and minute of the event can be told.

The unit of measure adopted by KP is the Vimshottari Mahadasha Paddhati again an accepted Vedic concept based on the 7 Planets and 2 Nodes, each planet being allocated a fixed number of years. However, Krishnamurti had invented this method to simplify the work for Astrologers.

It is one of the most simple technique in Hindu Astrology. Events in 24 hrs: The concept of kp system or kp astrology has been derived from Vedic Astrology as well as Western Astrology. Day Ruler for the day under consideration. Like Ketu dasha is only for 6 years, very short span of years of full cycle.

This is a very important contributing factor for the accuracy of predictions as the resolution or the least count has now increased. Amazon Music Krihsnamurti millions of songs. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Any planet when it is placed in a Nakshatra has more power than the Lord of Nakshatra. It is also considered that this belt forms a circle of degree. No javascript ;addhati We thus have a total of 27 divisions in degrees each segment being 13dm. There being 12 Zodiac Signs and 12 Houses is an accepted and undisputed assumption all over the World.

Even though RP’s are krishbamurti as in item 1 above, If a RP were to be in the Sub of another who is detrimental to the houses to be judged for a particular matter by being the significator of houses 8 and 12 to the house to be judged then this will not be a fruitful ruling planet.

KP Astrology – Krishnamurti Paddhati – KP System

Showing of 1 reviews. The Star-Lord indicates the subjective results and the Sub-Lord indicates whether the event will take place or not.


If the Lord of the SUB occupied by the tenant planet is favorable connected by Occupation, Lordship to the matters signified by the Star Lord of the tenant Planet, the tenant Planet fructifies the matter of which it is the significator due to its Star position. In KP system, degree of Zodiac Belt is divided into 12 unequal parts. In short the first available level is the most important significator to bring about the results for the house under consideration.

Events in few hrs or short time: As you can see the name of “Krishnamurti Paddhati” is being derived from its inventor’s name.

KP Astrology – Krishnamurti Paddhati – KP System

Get to Know Us. Earlier it was difficult for an Astrologer to predict the certainty of an event. This transiting planet will now occupy one of the 9 Sub-parts in the Star, this sub-part is ruled by one of the 9 planets hence the term Sub-Lord was introduced followed by the Sub-Sub-Lord. If moon is moved krishhnamurti that sensitive degree the day of the event can be arrived at.

If the tenant planet is placed in the SUB of a planet who occupies or owns houses detrimental to the paddgati of the Star Lord, the matter is not fulfilled.

A Ruling Planet fails to offer results only when it is in a Sub of the Lord which is retrograde. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. The KP astrological system has received far too little attention in the West, even among serious practitioners, despite its evident successes.

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