RELEASE NOTES FOR KOHA 22 May . dynamically constructs links to the appropriate version of the Koha manual Hold requests. As of the date of these release notes, only the English version of the Koha manual is available at Koha is a bugfix/maintenance release. version of the Koha manual is available at

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Robin Sheat Database Documentation Manager: Create a Routing List 8. Patrons normal Home library now carried over when duplicating a patron record. Friday August 29th, at Check Serial Expiration 8.

Koha released – Official Website of Koha Library Software

Keats-Shelley Journal E. Quick Spine Label Creator 2. The Koha manual is maintained in DocBook.

The Koha project uses Git for version control. List of Tables 2. Upload Local Cover Image 3. Check Out Warnings 2. 3.16 to Renew Items N. Acquisitions The branches TT plugin is now used by serials search Removed unused subroutines in C4: Checking Items In 3. Subscriptions in Staff Client 7. Library Transfer Limits 2.


Critical bugs fixed in 3. Creation of the Database Duplicate a Patron 4. Setting Patron Permissions 4. Loan checkins can now be backdated to an arbitrary date. Galen Charlton Documentation Manager: As of the date of these release notes, only the English version of the Koha manual is available at http: Self checkout Automatic receipt printing in the web-based self-check interface can now be disabled by adjusting the new system preference SelfCheckReceiptPrompt Serials There are now more “missing” statuses to choose run when receiving serials, including “never received”, “sold out”, “damaged”, and “lost” The serials search form can now filter on location, call number, and expiration date The serials claims list now includes a column for ISSN SIP2 Payments made via SIP2 now have the payment type e.

[Koha] koha manual

Example Email from Cart G. Add a Staff Patron 4. Patron Card Creator 3. Manage Serial Frequencies 2. People Weekly 3.

There is experimental support for Plack for development use. Installation instructions can be found at http: Setting up Messages 5.


Koha 3.16.0 released

Global System Preferences 1. My Purchase Suggestions Installation instructions can be found at http: The website for the Koha project is http: The current development version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of git: Tracking In house Use 5.

Offline Circulation Utilities 5. Reader’s Digest E.

Check In Messages 5. Checking Items Out 5. Adding a prefix to call numbers 2. System Preference Defaults 1.

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