The only display of civic pride evident in Donald Ray Pollock’s first book is a blue tattoo — the words “Knockemstiff, Ohio” — etched “like a road. Praise. “Knockemstiff is a powerful, remarkable, exceptional book.”—Los Angeles Times“More engaging than any new fiction in years.” —Chuck. To say author Donald Ray Pollock’s first book, Knockemstiff, is “gritty” is like calling Antarctica chilly. In Knockemstiff — named for the southern.

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You’ve probably never even seen a paper mill from a distance, you nancy boy.

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This book is gross and sad and hilarious and as exaggerated as some many biok the scenes seem, I don’t actually want to know how much of it is based on true events. It is my belief that the desperation haunting Pollock induced his tremendous urge to write and was the only possible vehicle for his redemption. April 12, 5: Without it, he was nothing but a creepy country stooge from Knockemstiff, Ohio–old people glasses and acne sprouts and a bony booj chest.

I felt that there was too many stories and some of them could have been made longer. Traditional it is not, and the pace fairly blisters through each of these dark trips through the side of Middle America that most only whisper about. Knockemstiff is that short story collection. This is a powerful talent at work. Otherwise you can probably pick a couple pieces, get the gist, and politely bow out.


I needed some redemption! These are tales about people trapped in a dead-end place in dead-end lives who don’t even have the wherewithal or wisdom to get the hell out of Dodge even if it means chewing their own goddam leg off to do so.

She was holding the hotdog in mid-air, getting ready to have another go at it.

‘Knockemstiff’ Writer Pulls No Punches

This guy is better than Harry Crews, and I’m going to read whatever he writes from now on. View all 24 comments. It will beat you up and leave you bruised and bloody, but always wanting more.

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Knockemstiff: Donald Ray Pollock: : Books

What is it about white trash that makes for such good readin’? The way Pollock ended this story was masterful. This review has been knockemetiff and can be found at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.

Many of the characters are referenced in more than story, and so This debut short story collection by Donald Ray Pollock is comprised of hard little nuggets of country grit that follow a variety of individuals living in and around the small Ohio holler of Knockemstiff, a place based on Pollock’s own hometown. Rather than briefly describe each story, some of which would be hard to do without spoilers, I thought I would just touch on a few of my favorites to give you a sense of knockemstifg material.


The setting, Here’s a Life Coaching tip: Pollock brings grace and precision to colloquial language, and the ferocious integrity of his vision is flat-out stunning.

With an artistic instinct honed on the works of Flannery O’ Connor and Harry Crews, Pollock offers a powerful work of fiction in the classic American vein.

Rendered in the American vernacular with vivid imagery and a wry, dark sense of humor, knockemstlff thwarted and sometimes violent lives jump off the page at the reader with inexorable force. Yet Pollock’s portrayals are non-judgmental and strangely appealing. If you are feeling kind of crappy, like your life sucks and it couldn’t get any worse, pick up a copy of Knockemstiff and give it a read.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. The tales are connected by common characters and the setting. I’m not willing to pay 50 bucks for it, Amazon, but if knockemstifr comes across it in a thrift store or at an estate sale, pleaseplease pick it up for me. So there I was, stuck knodkemstiff the backseat by myself, chewing the skin off my fingers, and hoping Mom wouldn’t piss him off too much before Godzilla stomped the guts out of Tokyo.

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