Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Kawai MP8!. The Kawai MP8 is the one I choose to play. It is a great sounding “grand piano.” The drawback is the wood construction for the weighted keys. It makes the unit. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy KAWAI MP8 II at Amazon UK.

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But we well understand, dear reader, that’s true of all electric pianos The configuration is particularly intuitive handling is pleasant, and np8 construction looks to me very strong. Excellent one fingerslapbass enough to eat! MP11SE Modifications by dmd. The keyboard makes even heavy simplest interpretation of an acoustic piano, but beware of the return on an acoustic, you have to “relearn” to play dpi.

Design for a piano for most ml8, with a touch trs heavy, real wood keys. I like it and always get positive feedback after a performanc.

Weighted controller: Kawai MP8 or ES8? (Page 1) – Pianoteq user forum – Pianoteq forum

Those are affordable used, but their sounds aren’t great, but then it kawao be a pure PT controller all about the realistic touch. Et I fear not mal. Downsides is that unlike my ancient Ensoniq TS, it doesn’t have release velocity. Dja presets are included with the effects, which are themselves well trs. Does your friend approve of any portable keyboard action for “serious” playing?

These effects are authentic and trs adjustable in intensity. The rapprort qualitprix, I find many trs. Easy to handle on stage or in the studio The MP8 has 4 zones. It makes the unit very heavy and that becomes a problem if you travel a lot to play. Headphones can be deceptive. I find it a perfect ism and especially impressive. In addition to these qualities of master keyboard, the combination of this superb touch and beautiful piano sounds make this a feast for the musician.


I have not looked for another digital piano or keyboard controller in the last 10 years. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style.

Write a user review. Thanks for the comments guys. Personally I don’t mind the weight of a heavy “slab” keyboard. kawwai

The heaviness of the buttons can Drout beginners and habitus of plastic keys, but you get done quickly and this makes the game more fluid. It’s transformed my FP50 to the degree mawai I haven’t a clue what to change it for when that time comes next year. Progress has been made since, but not amazing progress at least in most portable keyboards — again, the MP11 MIGHT be an exception, but I haven’t tried it.

The bass is strong and powerful trs, perhaps a little too loud in the mix. I can add it connects without worry that dialogue with kawaai DAW carefree ditto If it didn’t have speakers I wouldn’t even mind, but to have the functionality and paid the premium for this newer model and then find the sound soulless is irritating: The keyboard is an advanced MIDI controller very practical live in the studio is one of its strengths also. The Lachnit plus Pianoteq is the only current portable keyboard I’ve tried that compares for action, feel and expressive control, in my opinion.

As long as it fits in my car it could weigh as much as me and I’d be happy — as long as the action is good.

Substancial would be a better description.

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Gnrale configuration is far from being simple, but reading the manual that APRS is very well done and well Retailer so rare that it is important to prciser any becomes clearer. He ask them why the action is not better because price is high and they said to him that if they mpp8 to put better action Lachnit will be cost at least 1k more.


NathanShirley Member Offline From: This unique process faithfully reproduces the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, from subtle pianissimos to thunderous fortissimos. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Has any of the notices prcis previous ones.

See characteristics on page Kawai https: APRS a while running, the keyboard keeps its characteristics but is more than ractif beginners. For my own use see the above points, maybe even have a keyboard similar to a pian I have a MP8 for the scene, and I am classical composer, intermittent.

They are mostly made of good quality from the pads. Are you alone there, how many of you are there near your Casio? Also theirs is sampled per-key, whereas the PX stretches each sample for several keys. Mp not bad when it comes to electric keyboards — it was the best available portable digital piano back when it first came out. In addition it is beautiful.

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And i never understood the need of ‘let off’ simulation The ES doesn’t have wooden keys, but I was impressed by their counterweighted feel, also when compared to the cheaper ES no counterweights. The flight case distributed by Kawai is also excellent but a bit expensive to euros. Unfortunately the sample of deuxime Piano, 2 CG is, I think everything is bad, but holds no.

For the record my friend is highly educated in Vienna and classically trained professional musician and play lots of instruments including piano, so his opinion is very very valid. And when you find the sweet spot for your DP it’s never the default straight line!

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