Initially, Kasravi enrolled in a seminary. Later Born in Hokmabad (Hohmavar), Tabriz, Iran, Kasravi was an Iranian Azari. Initially احمد کسروی’s books. Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan. By: Kasravi, Ahmad. Price: $ Publisher: Bethesda, Maryland, Ibex Publishers: , Edition:?. Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching.

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Not so his successors. Chubak, Sadeq Clark, James D. But want do they want? His criticism booms no longer directed at one or another member of the clergy, certain practices or rituals, but the content, object and raison d’etre of the Shi’i faith.

Though sympathetic in the History to the courageous divines ofKasravi became more and more bitterly anti-clerical. His outspoken ways would lead him to have ksaravi supporters and critics starting from the Reza Shah period.

One of the most burning questions he addressed at this point concerned cultural relations between Iran and the West. This is the second and final installment of this book.

According to Kasravi, the Shi’i practice of dissimulation of one’s real beliefs taqiyeh when survival is at stake, was in fact a means of deception which legitimized falsehood.

If you enter several tags, separate with commas. He rejected the commonly held belief that the first three caliphs had usurped the position of Imam Ali. Reza, and then his son Muhammad Reza, imposed despotic government for much of the period from to The man who is burning the Qur’an!

Meanwhile, conflicts between the various religious sects took on a political aspect. But the Ottomans immediately suffered defeat and fell back.


Is there an ultimate use for historians? Privacy Policy Add Comment. One of the consequences of his departure and the Allied occupation of the country was the emergence of several political parties. His outspoken ways kasravl lead him to have many supporters and critics starting from the Reza Shah period. Kaseavi up for the Shia clergy, his life was changed in by the popular movement to secure parliamentary government from the feckless and extravagant Qajar monarchy.


Thank you for your patience. Kasravi published and served as the editor-in-chief of two papers from until his death in May 1, Last Updated: Personalities involved in the Persian Constitutional Revolution.

Encyclopædia Iranica

A prolific writer, Kasravi was very critical of both the Shi’a clergy and of the policies of the central government. The occupation of the country by foreign troops, which lasted until the end of the war, created a condition of disorder and fostered intense political rivalry within the Assembly and in the press. Ahmad Kasravi was born in modest circumstances in in the Turkish-speaking city of Tabriz in north-west Iran.

Kasravi’s experience with every day private and social conduct of Muslims confronted him with a major epistemological problem. Existing Islam was an institution run by the clerics, beneficial to no one and the source of great misfortune.

Eventually he came across an article in Arabic in a special number of the Egyptian monthly Al-moqtatef.

His views earned him many powerful enemies such as Ayatollah Khomeini. With the active collaboration of the clergy, they accentuated those aspects which Kasravi believed to be impurities. All Formats Paperback Sort by: He has authored more than 70 books, mostly in Persian language. Please try your request again later. Yet for many supporters of the defeated candidates in the election, there is another view of history that rejects Khomeini’s fantastic theories of clerical government, the religiosity of Ahmadinejad, the grinding air of eschatological menace and, above all, the regime’s metaphysical liberties with the truth.

Journal of Azerbaijani Studies. He rejects all argument from authority dalil-e naqliwithout which no revealed religion can stand. Where this book touches on the place of women in society, he remained dependent on Irano-Islamic tradition.


Columbia University Press, Sometimes, the same title is carried by three different individuals. According to Kasravi, the clergy did not perform their expected role.

Edmund Bournoutian, George A. Nothing is left of that Islam. His research on Iranian dialects would harmonize later with the movement for purification of the Persian language, which would be launched with the support of the political authorities, in order to render Persian more vigorous and better able to respond to the needs of modern times.

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KASRAVI, AḤMAD vii. – Encyclopaedia Iranica

In his own estimation, it was the most meritorious period of his life idem,p. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Cut off from worldly affairs, which according to Kasravi were the concern of religion, the Shi’a were, he concluded, still grappling with the problems and circumstances of 1, years ago.

It was in Tbilisi where he first became acquainted with a wide spectrum of political ideas and movements, and he soon was employed by the government of Iran in various cultural posts. It was losing its economic and political independence to the Russian and British empires as a profligate absolute monarchy He attacked the custom of building shrines for the Imams and characterized their worship as idolatry. Some sixteen articles, book chapters, and book reviews on Kasravi in general or on special areas of his works are available in English.

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