By Karen MacNeil. Announcing the completely revised and updated edition of The Wine Bible, the perennial bestselling wine book praised as. allowed The Wine Bible to be built. ABOVE ALL WAS Elizabeth Caravati, my assistant for the years during which I wrote the second edition. Elizabeth was there. The Wine Bible has ratings and 99 reviews. THE MOST COMPLETE WINE BOOK EVER. A must for anyone who loves wine, whether they are a pro or an.

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The second is a country by country, region by region, sub-region by sub-region discussion of grapes, vineyards and wines from around the world. MacNeil has a deep and enthusiastic appreciation, not only for the wines, but also for the history, culture and food of each of the countries that she kafen about.

The Wine Bible: Karen MacNeil: : Books

The second part my favorite is a country by country, region by region, sub-region by sub-region discussion of grapes, vineyards and wines from around the world. The bble bible gets abused as the noun for encompassing information books but this book deserves the title. Workman PublishingOct 13, – Cooking – pages.

She traveled extensively, seemed to have enjoyed herself, while tasting some of the best wines in the world. It is not as all inclusive as “The Oxford Biblle to Wine” but for most of us folks this is a great reference especially for those beginning their wine journey and wanting to take the next step.

Mar 24, Andrew Spear rated it qine liked it. Dec 03, Kieran rated it it was amazing. It works well both as a book you can read cover-to-cover and a reference, featuring excellent detail, historical notes, the process of how different wines are biblf, how you should taste wine, lists of the best grapes and vineyards by region I also recommend it to my regular customers who want to increase their wine knowledge because of the mcneil style of the content.


Tons of helpful information, so an OK book to study for “the test”. If you’re boring, this book isn’t the right pairing for you.

What makes a wine great? Just once, I’d like to see some wine writing that gives more thought to context. In every sip taken in the present, we drink in the past–the moment in time when those berries were picked; a moment gone but recaptured–and so vivid that our bond with nature is welded deep.

I love wine because it is one of the last true things. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for either an introduction to the world of wine that will also be useful later on down the road, or a definitive one stop reference for answering the majority of questions about wine that are likely to arise in the life of an average human being.

Drinking wine then–as small as that action can seem–is both grounding and transformative. Plus, matching wine with food – and mood. Major wine regions Old World France – Burgundy: More information is available at www.

The Wine Bible

There was no book that did the job, so I looked at what I considered to be the core bits of knowledge and experience that went into a macneeil becoming wine savvy.

The secrets of professional wine tasters and how to expand your wine-tasting vocabulary. Some wines are like people The romance and intrigue of Burgundy of sauvignon blanc and the surprising elegance of Spain’s top Riojas. Refresh and try again. It is thorough, nerdy, literary, all without the snobbery that is often found in things wine related. I can spout about wine but a lot of my knowledge is not personal, it’s from this book, written so personably that people often think the haughty wine trivia I spout is personal.


Nov 02, Song Choe rated it really liked it. Italy, one of wine’s most enchanting and biblr homelands. A must for anyone who loves wine, whether they are a pro or an amateur.

Please try again later. How a vineyard profoundly affects a wine’s character.

The Wine Bible – Karen MacNeil – Google Books

It sits on my coffee table, convenient for quick reads when time permits. A good gift for those wanting a reference and introduction. Some wines are like people Workman PublishingJan 1, – Cooking – pages.

May 21, Ken rated it it was amazing. The first is an introduction to the elements of winemaking and wine tasting, including the major kinds of grapes, the various processes for making different kinds of wine, the major features of wine to pay attention to when tasting, and discussion of the best way to serve wine and pair it with food.

The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition. Otherwise This book is amazing. That is the beauty of the book. Karen MacNeil excels at writing in a clear, illuminating manner with a sense of humor. A sheet of ice. I had always been interested but I thought that this would start me off on the right foot to being a true connoisseur!

What makes a great wine great? Wine is diversity, and terroir is a real way to escape the monotony of daily life.

This is the best place to start your wine lover’s education.

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