Download scientific diagram | 1: Location of Kalabagh Dam from publication: Feasibility study of Kalabagh dam Pakistan | Kalabagh Dam is among the. “Technically it is possible to construct the Kalabagh Dam, and the concerns of Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa [about the dam] have already. HYDERABAD: Qaumi Awami Tehreek President Ayaz Latif Palijo said on Sunday that building the Kalabagh Dam is tantamount to a death.

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The provincial assemblies of three out of the four provinces have passed resolutions against the construction kalabah the Kalabagh dam for a variety of reasons.

Conflict dynamics of Kalabagh Dam – Daily Times

Time involved in construction of this infrastructure will be an added impediment. On the contrary, if the dam is erected Sindh will get additional 2.

KBD will store flood water and release it when needed for agriculture in Sindh, thus saving the damage due to floods and meeting water required for agriculture and saving salination of ground kslabagh at shallow level. Both have to be built as they are complimentary to each other. Pakistan on the contrary constructed only two major reservoirs till after signing of treaty in Bhakra Dam on Sutlej River has storage capacity of 5.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be a major loser of this opportunity if KBD is not built.

Retrieved 11 July The feasibility of the Kalabagh dam is not the issue, because the paper work and other important details about water storage and power generation project over river Indus at Kalabagh were prepared a long time ago. Sindh will in fact be the biggest gainer as under the Water Accord its share was increased to 37pc from 34pc by reducing Punjab share from 40pc kalagagh 37pc.


India is reportedly spending billions in yearly payments to receptive and approachable elements in Sindh to sustain this opposition.


Secondly, the Kalabagh fiasco is a classic case of intra-state water conflict. Kalabagh Dam is to be an earth fill feet high, with water reservoir capacity of 6. Reduced water supply in downstream areas in Punjab and Sindh will lead to salination of potable water at even lower depths creating shortage of drinking water availability for Punjab and Sindh. For BD miles of kalagagh road will have to be upgraded, 59 miles of Karakoram Highway will have to be raised and rebuilt through mountainous ranges, along Indus River.

Retrieved 29 September BD construction will take about 10 years due to enormous infrastructural kaalabagh requirement, kkalabagh RCC technology for Dam construction. Despite the political roadblocks, the World Bank and foreign consultants continued their work on Kalabagh, over a period of ten years, up to when the project was finally put on hold.

Kalabagh Dam

Only Punjab favours the construction of Kalabagh dam, as it expects the easing of electricity shortages and the availability of more water for agriculture. Project is almost ready for start. Additional specialists were invited for giving their views on selected topics, where needed.

Kashmir Watch 26 September December 15, Gold dips. The mean river flow at Kalahagh is To offset the looming threat of reduced storage capacity in Tarbela, Chashma and Mangla and for continued and assured adherence to the agreed terms of Water Apportionment Accord and to meet requirements for irrigating new Iands, new storages dwm water are required to store flood water and also save a major chunk of 30 million MAE flowing into the sea through flow below Kotri Barrage.

Moreover, according to the study, the negative consequences of not building Kalabagh are as follows: The Monsoons rains occur downstream of Bhasha Dam and thus the flood kalabzgh cannot reach Bhasha Dam storage. The bed rock on which foundation of dam will have to be taken is 83 feet deep at KBD while it is feet at BD.


Pakistan portal Water portal Renewable energy portal. It can be completed in 6 years.

KBD on completion will start facilitating availability of resources through saving in financial drain on national economy, to finance BD, which will take about ten years to build and will be helpful in providing much needed water reservoir and hydel generation of electricity. In DecemberPervez Musharraf announced that he would re-initiate the Kalabagh project to serve the larger interest of Pakistan.

Access to project site is already available including power transmission to main grid. Royalty becoming due on power generation from KBD and BD should be used for developing link canals in KPK to irrigate 3, acres of virgin lands in Bannu and Dl Khan and thereafter for maintenance of all these projects. For instance, the assembly of the North Western Frontier Province now Khyber Kalxbagh rejected Kalabagh dam because it feared that Nowshera would be submerged under water if the dam was constructed.

It will save land currently under cultivation from turning barren and potable water getting affected by salination at shallow level. Notwithstanding, construction of any canals by any province would not increase its share of water. KalabaghMianwali District. Siltation of Tarbela, Chashma and Mangla Dams reservoirs is fast reducing their water storage capacity which will have adverse effects on water supply for irrigation everywhere.

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