Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss Motivational Interviewing by William R. Miller Just Listen by Mark Goulston A Manual for Creating Atheists by Peter. Goulston, a psychologist, consultant, author and frequent contributor on TV, has written an insightful and example-laden book that explores. Embrace Possibility book notes for Mark Goulston’s Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

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We aren’t responsible for their content. It also occurs when you think you perceive someone else accurately, but the other person doesn’t agree. Goulston does a marvelous job of explaining ways and methods to approach these delicate situations.


Wish I had learned these things 10 years ago. In return, they’ll often be willing to go to the ends of the world for you Goodreads helps you keep track ,isten books you want to read.

The very thing we think we do but hardly any of us is doing it. The solutions aren’t earth shattering. I listened to the book on audio having checked it out from my library. Goulston gets to the heart of the matter and he does it fast – he does not waste your time as some unmentioned non-fiction authors do!

Integrate to more complex situation.

The author writes that “anger and empathy can’t exist in the same place at the same time,” so be curious and strive to understand what challenges they’re dealing with.

Practice moving quickly from: To have the ability to work with any kind of ‘personality’, I certainly would recommend this book. Jul 04, Tom Foreman rated it it was ok Goulsto Goulston knows what he is talking about: When you “get” each other, you can change the dynamics of a strained situation or relationship to cooperation, collaboration, and effective communication. Just as the solution to being healthy is exercising and eating well. The saying goes to “Forget the music.


Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston

Nine Core Rules 1. This is going to the list of my top recommended leadership and self-growth books both for corporate professionals as well as business owners. It still to me required close attention. Excellent book that I am not only using to improve my own ahem!

The s This book gives plenty of realistic scenarios: Most poeple reading this book don’t care about neurons and neurotransmitter. See links to some of Mark’s work at the end of this post. As background, Goulston explains that all persuasion involves moving people through the steps of what he calls the ” Persuasion Cycle: This book is a very practical, applicable, “how to” on getting people from a defensive position to one where they may listen to you.

Section 1 I would call the theorical rules – Chapter 1: I like a lot of the tips, but I sometimes felt the author did not really address the concerns of an average person trying to learn how to listen and communicate better.

What a fantastic book, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. That troubles me and that’s why I gave this book 3 stars instead of 4 or 5.

Just Listen: Secret to Getting Through to Anyone

Most of us won’t have to deal with a hostage situation but at times we may feel like the idiot we’re trying to help has us held hostage as they are reacting defensively to a situation and failing to act logically. He teaches you how to listen, how to calm goulstoj enough to listen if the goulsron warrants it, how to move people through the stages from pure resistance and even animosity all the way to cooperation and action.

Everyone wants to feel “felt”.

Mark Goulston is a business consultant, coach, speaker, former FBI hostage negotiation trainer, and psychiatrist. You will be inspired.


To a certain extent that’s true, as I have met many born persuaders; I call them “mentors” and can only hope to emulate them. Notice what they are noticing. Mark offers his perspective on positivity: So slow down, and listen. You will be touched by the heart and wisdom of my guest. When we feel truly heard or understood, the mirror neuron gap closes.

Let them know what they did specifically Acknowledge the effort it took from them — honor how much they did for you and what it took Tell them what it personally meant to you. May 26, George rated it liked it. Sep 13, Mario Tomic rated it really liked it. May 10, Norm Konzelman rated it really liked it. Some of it seems like common sense, and some of it seems truly novel.

Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyoneshares personal stories from very early on, when he was given multiple chances by people who saw the goodness in him.

The core message of this book is sound: If you’re really interested in the topic of listening, check out Co-Active Coaching and their section on the Three Levels of Listening.

Why am I here and what am I here to do? Side by side Fill in the blanks Until someone says “no” to you, you’re not asking for enough generally meant in a work context. Let them fill in the blanks, and they’ll feel you’re talking with them. This proves that you cannot please every one.

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