Mary: The full details are in it this mornin’; seven wounds he had — one entherin’ the neck, with an exit wound beneath the left shoulder-blade; another in the left. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. Juno and the Paycock is a play about an extraordinary period in Irish. $, On the point all of this to bear on one family and gives us a whole chunk of Irish freedom dumped upon .. The text gives you clues as well. Like the thing about.

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Bentham rises, shakes hands vrith Mary, and sits down again. Isn’t he big an’ able enough to come out an’ get it himself? Mary is wearing a blue ribbon fillet round her hair, and has a green anc in her hand. Ey, Nugent; ey, Mr, Nugent, Mr. Bentham takes a large-looking document from breast pocket, opens it out. Now you know all, Jerry ; now you know all! Brigct, Guh sayeree jeea aycra! Be firm, be firm. She does all in an angry way. Mary with a sob. What about yourself, Mrs.

Bentham, this is Mrs. Properly thrainedl I suppose you couldn’t appreciate football unless your fut was properly thrained.


Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Oh, I’m very sorry, Mrs. There’s young Dougherty’s husband with his leg off; Mrs. It is two months later. Boyle crosses behind Mary, takes off hat and black shawl, and flings them on bed in alcove. You’ll owe me kuno thirteen pouns.

I was jus’ tellin’ Mr. An’ what was he himself, only a school teacher?

Well, you’ll go over to the shop yourself for the things in future — I’ll face him no more. Joxer going out door r. BOYLE awed by her manner].

If a man was dyin’, you’d thry to make him swally a cup o’ tay! A noble call, a noble call! He teext himself with papers. You think too sudden sometimes, Joxer. When she is feeling comfort- able, she is inclined to be reminiscent ; when others say anything, or paycpck a statement made by herself, she has a habit of putting her head a little to one side, and ‘nodding it rapidly several times in succession, like a bird pecking at a hard berry.

Boyle returns to front of table and watches them. Let me like a soldier fall— me breast expandin’ to th’ ball!

[OTA] Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

In a corner near the window looking into the back is a galvanized bath. Get wan o’ the labourers to carry you down in a hod! MARY enters, charmingly dressed? Boyle with clock in his hand, paying no attention to Mrs. She moves slowly towards the door. Mary, I want to speak to you for a few moments, may 1 1 Mary remains silent.


I have to go to a job, Joxer.

Ma, will you come in here an’ take da away ou’ o’ this or he’ll dhrive me mad. Boyle takes off hat and cant, leaving them in alcove y hack. An’ th’ other fella — Jerry’s as bad. MARY looking at the paper. Mary enlers with Cuarlte Bentuam ; he is a young man of 25, tall, good-looking, with a very high opinion of himself generally. The time is early forenoon. A large vase, filled with gay artificial flowers, is on top of chest of drawers, R.

I was in bed when he stole in like a thief in the night, an’ before I knew even what he was thinkin’ of, he whipped them from the chair, an’ was off like a redshank!

Whisht I A knock at the door r. His clothes are dingy, and he wears a faded seaman’s cap with a glazed peak. Several bottles of stout.

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