John Wall sarcastically speaks to Kyrie Irving in the middle of a game: ‘I still can’t get Kyrie’


These days, Kyrie Irving is known more for his off-court shenanigans than his on-court performances. In fact, in the last three seasons Kyrie has been with the Brooklyn Nets, he’s made headlines for a variety of bad reasons.

Whether it’s him missing games due to his vaccination status or simply being injured in important games. Kyrie had a huge target on her back. Additionally, he could be traded this season if the Nets respond to Kevin Durant’s trade request. KD is currently tied for a move to the Boston Celtics.

Speaking of the Celtics, Kyrie played for the iconic NBA franchise for two seasons of his career. He did so after forcing a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers to get his own team. Overall, his time with the Celtics wasn’t as successful as he would have liked, but he still showed signs of excellence here and there.

One such occasion dates back to 2017 when he faced John Wall and the Washington Wizards. During the match, Kyrie struck up a trashy conversation with Wall. Hearing this, Wall then sarcastically applauded the All-Star point guard.

Kyrie: You missed your climax.

Wall: I still can’t get Kyrie?

Wall hilariously referenced getting a signature shoe from Irving. Kai could have even given him these shoes if the end result of the game was different.

Wall led the Wizards to a comfortable 111-103 win over the Celtics. Fast forward to 2022, if Kyrie is traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, fans will see more of these battles between the two superstar point guards as Wall is now part of the Los Angeles Clippers.


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