Jamil Bashir Oud Method (VOL1 & 2 pdf) – update II – I was thinking that it may Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1 · Jamil Bashir Oud Method. THE OUD. The Way to Teach It. Volume 1. by Jamil Bashir. Teacher of Oud, Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad. Prepared by Habibe Zohor El-Abeas. I had an introductory course in Oud last year and it only lasted for four weeks and only two classes per Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1.

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Any ideas or feedback on this? However there have been a couple of places where I have chosen my mtehod slight variation of a fingering. Try the suggested fingering and see if it works for you, it could even become a useful exercise, but if another fingering seems to work for you then try that as well.

Oud Method – Oud Method by Bashir

Would it be possible to post these two pages in higher resolution – with, perhaps, a general explanation of what they mean for metuod of us who are still have a lot to learn about the history and art of the Ud?

The notes are definitely clear enough to read and follow, I don’t think anyone would have a problem making out the notation, and if anyone was to obtain a copy of Bashirs method with the level of clarity of music notation you have acheived, they would be happy, it looks very good. With enough interest,determination, as well as investing in production costs to have this book reprinted maybe include a CD? Your post is naturally appreciated, Alami But credits for creating the pdf should go to the person with email ahmed zeryab.


A French translation would be bxshir, too! I don’t think we’ll be able to have this book reprinted, no matter how much determination there is.

Microber Oud Junkie Posts: Just look at the locations we all come from who have thanked Alami! From my experience I have found it best not to be too rigid with things like there is only one fingering for any one note. Thanks again to all, it is a pleasure Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: This is one of the valueble jzmil i ever have. There’s a similar thread about Mutlu Torun’s Ud Metodu – the publishers have been promising an English translation for ages now.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise

The book is published by the House of Cultural Affairs in Iraq, answering an increasing demand. Very, very, very Cool!!!

Scotland Member Is Offline Mood: I think it is a part of a bigger book I have only 24 pagesthere is an interesting maqam analysis of two compositions and an answer to a question I asked many times without having a clear explanation: Montreal Member Is Offline Mood: My father reads arabic, but knows very little about music. Volume 2 was unorganized jpg files and volume one was in 4 separate filesI’ve put them in order, arranged the sizes and contrast and gathered them in a convenient single pdf file for each volume ouc I printed them for my use.


Sorry a misspell, now it is fixed Salamu 3alaikum Alami and all oud masses, thank you bro, its an honur to have copies of master Jamil Bashir books and the hope is to be able to make the most out of it.

For this reason I studied the 1st volume very carefully and I translated very accurately. Thank you very much. A lot of the exrecises have finger numbers written on top of the notes. Coul somebody put the files on a more accessible site?

I found that in different exercises, the same methpd is shown with 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger playing?? I think the best we could do right now is to follow in Alami’s footsteps and translate it ourselves. Well done again CQ.

Motadura circle — white — black — 1 tooth — 2 teeth — 3 teeth — 4 teeth. All the answers of the sharp and flat and voice if you add the 8th voice oid the 1st voice tonic we imagine it is from the kind of answer of the loud voice.

Going through book 2 and thanks again for your work on this AlamiI have tried the fingering as suggested by the great Jamil Bashir, and this has been very useful in gaining a different perspective on fingering.

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