In , James Grosjean updated Beyond Counting. This new iteration of his book is a page opus titled “Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting. Arnold Snyder reviews James Grosjean’s Beyond Counting. FROM BLACKJACK TO VIDEO POKER BY JAMES GROSJEAN PDF Nevertheless, reviewing guide Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games From.

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Grosjean is the youngest ever person to be inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame and continues to play blackjack around the world. Although I haven’t read it yet, I have to say it looks great. Originally Posted by GBV If you want to learn how to find loaders you have to go back to much earlier blackjack texts like Uston’s, or Malmuth.

James Grosjean

Trivia About Beyond Counting Deep stuff, don’t let the math put you off the book. The good thing is that you can decide to “trust” him and use the results of his math for guidance.

It is like learning an extra index number for card counting purposes. Originally Posted by GBV The question of whether finding a flashing dealer is easy or not is immaterial to the utility of the book.

This work builds on and FAR surpasses them. This page was created in 0. Most of the information in this book was developed to attack a game rather than for the sake of analysis Anson marked it as to-read Aug 02, I cannot praise this work highly enough, nor begin to describe the value contained within its pages for professional players in this concise review.


His actual content totally contradicts the “hug-a-bunny free-your-mind” attitude he pushes. He also won jury verdicts including punitive damages against Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigationsthe latter declaring bankruptcy as a result of the litigation. Any one who read Thorp’s Mathematics Of Gamblingwhich discusses Big Six in detail, would have the concept down already.

There should be a reference copy available at the UNLV library as well. Or just find a rookie dealer.

Beyond Counting : Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker

About half a dozen baccarat games online and off, have beaten to death for serious money recently. Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love. Other position no bet. Refresh and try again.

James Grosjean is planning a second, longer edition soon, but it will be made available only to a select list of players. It is intellectually interesting, but it is not remotely scalable as an advantage play and can be very costly with certain beond of erratic dealers.

This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat I guess I should clarify that.

A healthy chunk of the book has nothing to do with deep math, and is comprised of Grosjean’s sometimes politically incorrect, but incredibly deep writing and views on everything to do with gambling he even points out where speed traps are during your drive to popular casinos, the fines for which could erase any expected profit at the tables Are you ready to learn?

Boy, I love math, but it’s been a while grosjeaj I had to think about equations like he talks about Magic Circle of 13 for Baccarat: I just don’t see how your math stacks up here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Or what remaining cards in countibg baccara shoe will guarantee a lock win.


Beyond Counting : Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker by James Grosjean

Joe Wong marked it as to-read Aug 01, I’m sure you’re way better and sharper than Grosjean. Beyond Counting by James Grosjean Hole carding is not crappy.

Referring to finding the right casinos that have a set of rules in place where you can actually pull this off? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The page Beyond Counting established James Grosjean as an expert on casino gambling at the very top of the upper echelons of expertise. It teaches you how to think, how not to get taken, how to build better surrender traps, whatever you need. Beyond Counting by James Grosjean I wish there were more pitch games in my part of the country.

How does one actually get this book or actually the new edition CAA: American blackjack players American gambling writers American male non-fiction writers Living people. In that respect you won’t be disappointed.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Beyond Counting” by James Grosjean

Some teams made seven figures with that play. Originally Posted by Peeig I am done, but not sure how much I have actually absorbed, and I am pretty sure that unless I get out and do some field work, most of it is just an interesting read. Pleasant marked it as to-read Oct 14,

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