Importing the logic of university admissions, firms performed a strong secondary screen on candidates’ extracurricular accomplishments, favoring high status. Its origin is a paper from Lauren Rivera, “Ivies, Extracurricular and Exclusion: Elite Employers’ Use of Educational Credentials.” Rivera, a. Rivera, L.A. (). Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Elite employers’ use of educational credentials. Research in Social Stratification and.

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Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Elite employers’ use of educational credentials

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Polski English Login or register account. Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Abstract Although a robust literature has demonstrated a positive relationship between education and socio-economic attainment, the processes through which formal schooling yields enhanced economic and social rewards remain less clear. Employers play a crucial role in explaining the returns eexclusion formal schooling yet little is known about how employers, particularly elite employers, use and interpret educational credentials.

In this article, I analyze how elite professional service employers use and interpret educational extrackrriculars in real-life hiring decisions.

The Debate Over Elite Schools and Elite Jobs | HuffPost

I find that educational credentials were the most common criteria employers used to solicit and screen resumes. However, it was exclusiob the content of education that elite employers valued but rather its prestige. Contrary to common sociological measures of institutional prestige, employers privileged candidates who possessed a super-elite e. They restricted competition to students with elite affiliations and attributed superior abilities to candidates who had been admitted to super-elite institutions, regardless of their actual performance once there.

However, a super-elite university affiliation was insufficient on its own. I discuss exxlusion findings in terms of the changing nature of educational credentialism to suggest that a extracurricular activities have become credentials of social and moral character that have monetary conversion value in labor markets extracurgiculars b the way employers use and interpret educational credentials contributes to a social closure of elite jobs based on socio-economic status.


Ivies, extracurriculars, and exclusion: Elite employers’ use of educational credentials

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