PDF to JTextPane: you need a PDF viewer: php?id=22 2. The concept of lines is inexistent in PDF. This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. disregard.. i found some ideas from the internet. i just added this new line after creating the JScrollPane. ferredSize(new.

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JTextPane To Pdf : to PDF « PDF « Java Tutorial

OK, I understand the example, but how I make to understand if the text in a pane is more of one page, e then I create an other object of Graphics2D? It’s probably still somewhere in the archives. When I tried to open the PDF created, the message that is returned is: While you are writing, you know jrditorpane width, but not the length.

WHITEbut it does not work. Hi Bruno, please ignore my previous mail.

With iText it’s not difficult to do it. Jexitorpane necessarily in the order you might expect. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


problems with rendering HTML using JEditorPane

I fail to see why your code snippet should generate a PDF with content. I have found an example in your book: The book is about PDF. Jul 30, 2: I have displayed the pane so as to check the content, making it something like a browser.

You want to save the form of the editor pane or the text in it? PDF from JTextPane good morning, I have resolved all problem, but i don’t understand the answer for my first problem, can you explain again?

PDF JEditorPane (Swing / AWT / SWT forum at Coderanch)

But it’s not an iText problem, is it? Can you make an example on how it should look like? I can’t help you. I’m not that familiar with Swing. If there is no answer: Post as a guest Name. Aug 1, 9: Jul 24, 6: How I can make it? As described in my book: Compare it with paper. Aug 2, But that’s obvious, isn’t it? Jul 24, 7: Search everywhere only in this topic. I assumed it would be possible.


I prefer 2 Second issue: Most editors save the contents in another format. Currently whatever cannot fit the page is being cut off, and I only have 1 page in the PDF. I have used, a file. Or you write your text on different sheets of paper of which you know the width and the height in advance. Sign up using Facebook. Jul 17, 9: The cursor should be reset to that position after the button is clicked. I’m looking for a solution based on an external library, i tried expermenting with iText and PDFBox, to no avail so far.

Powered by JForum 2. I’m trying to save text from a JEditorPane as a pdf once a save button is clicked. I attached the code again: Can you show how it would be done using iText?

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