The strength of Hautman’s (Godless) painfully sad novel is the wisecracking but clearly unreliable voice of its narrator, year-old Douglas. Invisible [Pete Hautman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You could say that my railroad, the Madham Line, is almost the most important. Invisible / Pete Hautman. Doug and Andy are unlikely best friends–one a loner obsessed by his model trains, the other a popular student involved in football and .

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Pete Hatuman is just a flat-out talented writer. When I look at the very last one for too long I feel queasy and my eyes go funny. Invisble is best friends with the popular kid, Andy, though he is far from popular himself.

Invisible (Hautman novel)

In this fierce, disturbing novel, Pete Hautman spins a poignant tale about inner demons, and how far one boy will go to control them. Throughout the story Doughie tries hautmzn conceal something that happened to Andy and him at the Tuttle place few years back.

Doughie and Andy are always getting in trouble.

You think that you can predict invisbile is going to happen next, but then the book does the complete opposite. There were definitely flaws, but nothing that made the book awful. Preview — Invisible by Pete Hautman. Views Read Edit View history. I am currently looking for quality young adult novels on the subject s of teen bullying, teen depression, and teen suicide. It turned into fire.

Invisible by Pete Hautman

Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher. There is a constant theme throughout the book. I guess you could say that I’m not only disturbed, I’m obsessed. Return to Book Page.


Invisible by Pete Hautman by Luciano verd on Prezi

Andy had died in a fire before the start of the book. Dougie spends a lot of his time working on his model train and society called Madham. I wish it was longer, but it was nice that I read it in only a day. He talks about how in their treehouse Andy had given him a nice army knife for Christmas and continues to talk about how great of a friend Andy is.

As he lives the present, and slowly reveals his past to the reader, it becomes clear that he is a deeply disturbed young man. Still, it is distracting.

It left you with absolutely no conclusion and you could predict the big giveaway on like page See 2 questions about Invisible….

I’ve decided to write a small review in light of the fact I chose to re-read this book for my English class’s literature circle. Most of all I love the very honest way his characters go about making sense of their lives and the big questions we all consider. I didn’t miss inviskble line. You don’t ever stop taking your medication! Invisible by Pete Hautman was a book that relates to a common feeling in society. Pardon my language for those of you that take offense to this but: And in this one scene she’s really mad and she spins around fast and gy bottom of her skirt gets caught on a nail sticking out of this table leg and lete comes right off.


Doug was still seeing Andy and imagining him being there. What happened at the end of the book Invisible?

I really liked invisible because it had a very funny main character. Personally I was wondering if there were connections to Dougies outbursts,behaviors and the way people glared at him and treated him. I really liked that this was my second YA book to prove to me that people are writing books about the “other” kids in the world. His current project is a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge made of matchsticks. Seventeen year old, Doug Hanson is a loner obsessed with model trains, I am currently looking for quality young adult novels on the subject s of teen bullying, teen depression, and teen suicide.

Apr 26, Joe rated it liked it Recommends it for: We grew up together, Andy and me. His strange behaviors, which he logically defends after all, his father mows the lawn in a suit, and the neighbor gets drunk and plays his guitar in his garageleads to verbal, emotional, and physical bullying by his peers.

But there’s more to Doug’s relationship with Andy than meets the eye, and as your read on, you’ll find that there’s something dark and sinister and potentially lethal he’s hidden so far away within himself that even he has forgotten, forgotten about the “Tuttle Incident” This book w I read the book Invisible by Pete Hautman.

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