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Whetheror not these laws were given by King lfr inn helgi to the Icelandersduring the eleventh century, the fact that the manuscript ascribes aspecific time to themthat of the reign of King lfr inn helgishows that they are accorded a special significance in this set of thir-teenth-century ideas about legal history, and suggests that this periodin the eleventh century was regarded as especially significant.

Besides, it was stated that Icelanders could go from theircountry to any other country as they wished. There were also no gaps in the law they were just appar-entsince the legal system, being a totality, would always supply ageneric legal norm. This division exists even if facts cannot be assessed andtheir reality checked; even if the past has survived to us only astexts.

Moreover, although he bases hisanalysis on a careful reading of past scholarship, he does not analysethe legal positivist assumptions that underpin it. Maurerargued that Grgs contained some laws of the pre-submission period,but also collections of different types of legal material such as judge-ments, opinions, customs.

The lafslg also reveal that Icelanders were not completely freeto come and go between Iceland and Norway, and that the kinghad control over their movements.

Adriele Marques –

Nichols, among others, has been identified with the new philology,the name of which movement, if not the movement itself, was coined in the wakeof the edition of Speculum, which dealt with such matters of textual criticism,and was prefaced by an introduction written by Nichols himself.


There is no doubt whatever that Codex Regius was written in Junioor two excellent scribes, one writing the 13 first leaves i.

The book will not divide thetexts by means of a duality of history and fiction, in which the kingssagas, bishops sagas and tercioo sagas collectively named Sturlunga sagaare classified as historical sagas, while the slendingasgur are con-sidered to be more fictional. Bibliotekets fornislndska och fornnorska handskrifter, ed. Universitets-forlaget,pp.


As argued above, even when the fac-tual content of the attribution can be quickly discounted, its effectin determining the meaning of the text cannot. Hisarlik Press, ,pp. I examine the significance of the appearance ofthis law in manuscripts of that saampaio, and discuss the legal texts withinthe historical context of manuscript production.

ZetГ©rica e DogmГЎtica. FERRAZ JUNIOR. Tercio Sampaio. IED 4. ed

The name of SnorriSturluson, which does not appear in Frssbk, Hanssn seems to havetaken from another source: Sigurur Nordal gaf t. Et vrk af Snorri Sturluson? See also SuzanneFleischman, Philology, Linguistics, and the Discourse of the Medieval Text, Speculum,65, in which she explores the language of Old French texts in thecontext of this diversity of variants.

What brought sagas forth was a combination of contributing forces: Chapter 2 examines the relation between Icelanders and the kingsof Norway as it appears in an eleventh-century law issued by Kinglfr inn helgi of Norway.

Bekostet af Kronikens Danske og NorskeBenner,i, p. Allein das letztere Argument ist vongeringer Bedeutung, da es ebenso gut mglich, dass das Gerede von SnorrisAutorschaft nur auf einer losen Vermuthung irgend eines Gelehrten oder Halbgelehrtenberuhte, wie dergleichen in der betreffenden Zeit so hufig der Fall ist, und diebeiden ersteren Grnde schliessen die Mglichkeit nicht aus, dass unsere Heimskrnglanur ltere Arbeiten Snorris in sich aufgenommen habe, ohne doch selber seinunmittelbares Werk zu sein [Finally, some consideration should be given to thefact that the men who in the 16th and 17th centuries turned their attention againto Heimskrigla attributed it immediately to Snorri.


In order to use saga narratives as a source of historical investi-gation, it is not necessary to establish their historicity or to presup-pose their historical status by deeming them to be the work ofTypological Perspectives of Nordic Prehistory in Snorri, Saxo, Widukind and Others,in Tradition og historieskrivning: The attributions alsopose another important question: Some textsare born literary, some achieve literariness, and some have literarinessthrust upon them.

Somepart may be old, another part new, some part omitted and anotheradded in the passage of the text from one copy to another. Heita is commonly emended to heitinn to pro-duce the meaning I will be called.

Whatever he read in a venerable oldbook he would take to be not somebodys assertion but a small piece of knowledgeacquired by someone iev ago from someone else still more ancient. Through an investigation of the role of fate in Heimskringla, he deduces that thishistorical conception was opposed to the Christian historical thought current else-where in Europe.

Hlab,pp. Even sampaoo a notion,however, would not be equivalent to our modern notion of authorship. Rather than dis-cussing kingship as an abstract concept, I examine the ways in whichthese different sources describe and interpret the relation betweenthe Norwegian kings and the Icelanders, and the contradictions andconnections that exist between these views. Staarhlsbk contains two legal texts, which have been identifiedby scholars as Grgs and Jrnsa. University Press of Virginia, ; repr.

HeimspekideildHskla slands og Menningarsjur, has developed a method of comparingthe use of rare words in both works, which he uses to argue that Snorri was theauthor ssmpaio Egils saga.

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