Iaidō (居合道), abbreviated with iai (居合), is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being Iaido is for the most part performed solo as an issue of kata, executing changed strategies against single or various fanciful rivals. Every kata starts.

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The purpose was probably to encourage Kendo practitioners to experience the handling of a real sword.

Iaido Katas – Black Belt Wiki

We employ a system of three levels called jo, ha and kyu not related to the Tatsumi ryu system which uses the same level names with kyu being the level where people are considered ready to try their first kyu grading test. Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu and Tamiya ryu for example at least have a headmaster, but you have to go to Japan to train with them. The annual class fee is 36 euro, which includes insurance and invitation to the yearly “general assemby.

The competitors will be judged by a panel of judges according to the standardized regulations. Views Read Edit View history. Iaido is most often translated as the way of harmonious living, the art of adapting to circumstance, or the way of being here and now. At times iaidoka will practice accomplice kata like kendo or kenjutsu kata. The third headmaster, Nagano Muraku was student of both Hayashizaki and Tamiya, and he passed on Shimmei Muso ryu as well as developing his own Muraku ryu, while one of his students, Ichinomiya Sadayu Terunobu, who was also a student of Hayashizaki, founded his own Ichinomiya ryu.

Another related practice is iai giri or tameshi giri, cutting objects mostly inanimate to improve cutting technique. Iaido does include competition in form of kata but does not use sparring of any kind. To appropriately perform the kata, iaidoka likewise learn carriage and development [ definition needed ]hold and swing [ definition needed ].


Iaido – Wikipedia

A shinken sharp Japanese sword is generally not recommended for beginners. Serious practitioners will pay an additional 24 euro yearly, which includes registration with the All Belgium Kendo Federation. Associated disciplines One can’t fully understand the sword by solo practice exclusively. They also make competition possible. Multiple person kata exist within izido schools of iaido; consequently, iaidoka usually use bokken for such kata practice.

While the term “meditation” is often associated with the practice of Iaido, I think it is an kaido choice of words; “intense focus” or “concentration” are probably much more appropriate. This registraton covers all disciplines of the oaido including jodo and kendo.

It is virtually impossible to determine how much resemblance the current Okuden waza have to whatever it was Jinsuke Shigenobu developed.

The following pictures compare a quality Nosyu iaito approx. All ZNKR grading tests from first kyu and up are taken either before the ABKF national grading commitee, or during an international seminar like the Nakakura cup or the Ishido summer seminar. Even people who think they have a pretty good idea what Iaido is about, are surprised to hear there exist other katas besides ZNKR seitei mae.

Equipment Beginners should consult with their teacher before purchasing equipment. Iaido is a primarily mental activity, demanding extreme focus, control, and alertness. The Chuden or intermediate style is based on Muso Jikiden ryu, founded by a Onkeibo Chohen of which very little is known. A jury compares the performance and declares a winner.

Iaido Katas

Nakayama Hakudo doing Hasegawa Eishin ryu and Tsumiai no kurai. A iaico Japanese sword is usually both dangerous and valuable, a combination that doesn’t really rhyme with beginner. But a well-constructed iaito will serve you many years and perhaps more importantly, if you want to quit or hopefully want to upgrade to a more fancy sword later, you can sell it to a new beginner with a clear conscience.

Some sure iaivo you have a bad iaudo Iaido as an art that focusses on iai as its major component, is usually attributed to Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu Actually a lot more was dropped as the ryu supposedly contained yawara, bo and torinawa techniques as well as various sets of kumitachi.


The Okuden consists of a suwariwaza set and a tachiwaza set. This style emphasizes the most important aspects of drawing and cutting.

All Japan Kendo Federation. The Okuden techniques are the oldest if we disregard the mythical foundation of Muso Jikiden ryuand attributed to Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu, who called his style Shimmei Muso ryu. Besides the extra training, this allows the practitioners to compare kaats they learn from us with the styles from other teachers.

New techniques were added such as hayanuki and bangai. Through this unification of sense, will, and action, the sword becomes a tool for spiritual development seishin tanren.

An introduction to Iaido

None of the following should be taken as absolute truth. Bernard of Clairvaux, Liber ad milites Templi: Izasa Ienaofounder of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryuis said to have been 7th headmaster of this school.

Practitioners are encouraged to attend as many seminars as they can. One can’t fully understand the sword by solo practice exclusively. Because iaido is practiced with a weapon, it is almost entirely practiced using solitary forms, or kata performed against one or more imaginary opponents. Just about every one of them additionally concentrate on more seasoned school created amid seventeenth century, in the same way as Muso-Shinden-ryu, Hoki-ryu, Muso-Jikiden-Eishin-ryu, Shinto-Munen-ryu, Tamiya-ryu, Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu, Mugai-ryu, Sekiguchi-ryu, et cetera.

Kahas memorial stone posing in front is Nakamura Taisaburo.

Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu – is generally acknowledged as the organizer of Iaido.

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