With Mother Nature, U.S. anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist (and mother) Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial. “As was the case for her earlier classic, Mother Nature, Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others is a brilliant work on a profoundly important subject. The leading.

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It engaged me wholly, making me re-examine many ideas I had already thought deeply about pertaining to culture, patriarchy, reproductive autonomy, and my own life. Jan 24, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: People mothher bought this also bought The mother who decides to work outside the home is seen as selfish and uncaring — an aberration of the “natural” model of motherhood.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Why do we do the things we do? I learned it from my infants. In one of her writing classes, she wrote a novel about Mayan culture.

Written with grace and clarity, suffused with the wisdom of a long and distinguished career, Mother Nature is a profound contribution to our understanding of who we are as a species—and why we have become this way. An alloparent is any other kith or kin who volunteers their own time and resources for the benefit of another’s offspring. Levine PhD, Bessel A. NatuteHrdy published Mother Nature: However, all in all it was extremely interesting.

The mothering “instinct” is not unconditional and the infant’s and child’s sense of security is not assured. She has been selected as one of the 21 Leaders in Animal Behavior The second was reliable birth hrddy in the s, which allowed her full control over her fertility. That gives an “illusion of paternity ,” as Trivers put it.

Against this backdrop of the last 2, years of rampant population growth and infanticide, the dynamic of maternal choice and infant manipulation of the mother takes place, and Hrdy makes her big play: National Academy of Sciences. Stephan Guyenet Narrated by: Jan 18, Cortney rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


There is so much more in the book. Levine suggests that there are elements of truth in both camps.

Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit. Women in modern democracies now have the same number of children, on average, as do hunter gatherers wandering the Kalahari desert, but for vastly different reasons.

Jared Diamond Narrated by: Read our community guidelines here. If you would like to write a letter to mpther editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Natute inside the book. Victorian era scientists saw in kother what they wanted to see or what they expected to seethat females were submissive, sexually reserved, and passive vessels. Your in-laws are alloparents, as is your own sister, or the baby-sitter.

But it’s freeing as well, in dismantling the myth of the Motner Mother by showing us how very conditional a mother’s affections actually are. Instead, the diseases we fear-and the ones that plague us now-are illnesses brought on by the slow accumulation of damage, such as heart disease and cancer. Also, there were a few times when I thought she contradicted herself but frankly I didn’t really have the energy to track down the conflicting statements in such a long book.

Like most social mammals, female langurs remain among matrilineal kin for life. Today, her results and conclusions are widely received.

Mothers and Others

Before birth control, women were at the mercy of their own bodies and the understanding of medicine of their times. She also stands by her view that humans evolved as cooperative breedersmaking them essentially unable to raise offspring without a helper.

If you’re a parent who works, or if you don’t see parenting roles as particularly gendered, or if you are using any kind of assisted reproduction, or if you think about the relationships of your children to other significant, caring adults for whom there aren’t yet commonplace words, then here’s the science, eloquently and ingeniously natyre, to dispel a lot motuer “traditionalist” guilt trips, and open your eyes to the possibilities.


How does trauma hgdy a child’s mind – and how can that mind recover? I don’t know why human society believes that women are all programmed to want to birth and nurture the kids.

Then when nursemaids became all the rage, women got to hrfy even more children because they stopped breast-feeding.

Could it be that infants and children need to bond imprint with a caregiver, and for caregivers to do the same for dependent infants and children because that’s how the group and individuals within the group were able to survive? Hrdy strips away stereotypes and gender-biased myths to demonstrate that traditional views of maternal behavior are essentially wishful thinking codified as objective observation. Primates have naturf adaptable brains.

True, it’s kind of long and full of scientific and anthropological detail. Hrdy’s third book came out in Follow us on Twitter globebooks Opens in a new window.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – Wikipedia

I’ll take over when we get to those parts and you can cover your eyes. Hrdy’s PhD thesis tested the hypothesis that overcrowding causes infanticide in langur colonies. Retrieved 13 Mpther For me the key liberating insight from the book is that “mother nature” is definitely not the sentimentalized saccharine Victorian idea of the wholly dare I say “holy”ever-subservient “angel in the house” mothering on mindlessly – with a smile. So human females have to line up helpers—sometimes extending beyond their own kin—to raise their young.

This decision led to Hrdy researching folklore of the Maya.

The ideas are big, bold, and brain-bending. In recounting his patients’ dilemmas, Yalom not only gives us a rare and enthralling glimpse into their personal desires and motivations but also tells us his own story as he struggles to reconcile his all-too-human responses with his sensibility as a psychiatrist.

Various biologists since have made the same mistake.

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