Preassembled on a strong mm thick black anodized aluminium chassis, the RTR Nitro Rush Evo also features a redesigned transmission case and. Download your HPI kit or part manual here. Copyright HPI Racing Ltd. All rights reserved. Images may not be used without express permission. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for HPI Racing RC Cars and Trucks. If the one you are HPI Nitro Rush EVO Manual • HPI Pro 4.

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Send a private message to Ian Send a private message to rsw These trucks were discontinued quite a few years ago.

HPI Racing Rush Evo User Manual

Our popular F5 spoke wheels wrapped with our new super soft rear “X” and front ribbed tires enhance the looks of the total package. Let me know okay? I’ll have a good look through the thread also to try and absorb some information.

Bought the car second hand off ebay uk, bargain too! Send a private message to SudburyRCGuy. Specification may be subject to change. Oil-filled coilover shocks enhance traction on any racing surface, and are easily tuned to any racer’s driving style. Preassembled on a strong 2.

Document Outline

Putting the power to the ground is a ball bearing-equipped durable 3-gear transmission featuring strong steel dogbones and a sealed gear diff. Once I find a place with parts, I usually buy all that they have. Please select your region and language settings.

That is the way they were designed. Half of the items they list they are out of. I built one form scratch, you should check it out in my profile gallery. I didnt have the front hooked up to a servo saver yet. Anyway I have a quick question which has probably been thrown around this forum many times before but anyway here goes The body has been strengthened by the use of thicker polycarbonate plastic, and the bright red paint is sure to get the attention at the track!


Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? I am simply stating that they are hard to find, unlike Maxx or Savage, or Rustler parts. Let me know what other parts are compatible with this ride and best of luck.

I believe they are getting out of the HPI products, least thats what they told me. Hello there, thinking of getting an old rush evo somewhere, how would i go about putting a vx 18 engine in it, would it be a straight swap or would i need to do some modifications?

Rush Evo Flywheel – HPI Racing

Find More Posts by dust It help to push the thing forward in more of a straight line. Thanks for the very helpful links Have fitted the rsh 56T and need to have a go at the allen key heads with a center punch and hammer, then I’m sure that the motor will move over to meet with the new cog.

Are there any better options out there that won’t cost the earth? Set the screw and spring upon the cog up by the info on the hpi site and now both wheels turn the opposite way when you turn them Add a Poll to this Thread. Find More Posts by Ian Send a private message to Montana Mike.

That pull start has been ordered and payed for so will keep you informed I want to start it badly. Find More Posts by rsw Ok so got a new 56T cog but it has got a clutch on it?


Find More Posts by tonymoulls. Send a private message to dust Got a reoccuring fault with my Ruch Evo, it either runs off at high speed as soon as I start it then stalls about yards away or it doesn’t start at all.

I can’t seem to find one and mostly everything in the manual I have for this one is in japanese. Rush parts are very hard to find So I have not a clue. An adjustable slipper clutch is standard equipment, which helps reduce drivetrain stress.

Go to hobbies etc ohio. Find More Posts by frodoboy. I mean there’s no broken or bent parts. Send a private message to tonymoulls.

They were just pinned for the photo. Send a private message to frodoboy. Got some fuel too.


Sorry for all the questions but I know nothing about these yet. Topping off each RTR Nitro Rush Evo is a bright red prepainted, trimmed and decaled body, ready to go right out of the box.

Pics of both 56T cogs. A tall cast aluminium heatsink head on the T keeps it cool and running smoothly, and the 2-needle carb allows owners to tune the engine precisely for their conditions. hoi

I’m still at work. Find More Posts by Montana Mike.

No more fumbling for a starter cord – just attach the glow plug igniter and Roto Start, hit the button and go! Have just got a rush evo, needs a bit of work like a new 56T cog and a starter kit to get it going.

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