It is almost ten years since I first read Lowry’s The Homiletical Plot. It was in preparation to teach an elective course for our two week “Winterim.” The “aha!. The Homiletical Plot provides a plotline for narrative sermons which suggests the preacher might typically move through five discernible stages. The Homiletical Plot The Sermon as Narrative Art Form a.k.a. “The Lowry Loop” by Eugene L. Lowry A book summary by Rob Guenther.

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Obviously, the risk is losing the authorial intent of the text, but for the New Homiletics school what matters most is not the authorial intent of the passage if this matters even at all[!

The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition (Paper)

Craddock and afterword by the author, Eugene L. Deductive — Starts with the Word. Funerals will be different because death itself already upsets the equilibrium. Even for the expository sermon, illustrations and sensory descriptions help take the congregation into the ancient world of Scripture. Wouldn’t it be great if scripture could have a felt relevance bomiletical our complicated lives, both social and personal?


You are commenting using your Facebook account. What is seen, heard, smelled, felt, tasted?

What is the Homiletical Plot?

Look to the Greek and Hebrew and other translations. Produce imbalance for the sake of engagement. In addition to this, it gives me a quick reference when I homiletucal to jog my memory to a point I read. Lowry states that he would typically spend more time on stage 2 analyzing the discrepancy than the other stages put together.

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Chapter Four — Oops! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What happened on the way between two points? The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition: Choose a new perspective.

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Email required Address never made public. Stop between explicit actions to see implicit actions.

One puts bricks of thought together and tries to make it look nice. May 12, at 5: It is relatively short pp yet has many strengths. I think it would be a dream come to true to spend a semester with Lowry, Craddock, Long, or Robinson to learn from them directly. This step turns things upside down. We at Watershed have used this book for many years in our Sunday messages, hoping to let God-in-scripture move us deeper to the real heart of the matter.


The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition Paper – Eugene L. Lowry : Westminster John Knox Press

Notify me of new posts via email. What assumptions are brought pllt the table? This site uses cookies. Chapter One — Image of the Sermon. Skip to main content.

Watershed Online: What is the Homiletical Plot?

The Homiletic Plot was first released inhomiletcial re-released twenty-one years later. What is my personal involvement in the situation?

In the movement from “itch to scratch,” we hope you too will sense the abundant richness of God’s good news, healing the wounds of our troubled world. In what sense is that true? Then critique my notes and improve upon them. Eugene Lowry in The Homiletical Plot: Look at cultural context.

Then let your scholarship veto, rather than the other way around. There are two kinds of preachers. Inductive — Starts with the problem.

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