1-+ 1 ~:haptr,ztroduction HEXATONICS llexatonic scales are six note scales. One way to create a hexatonic scale is to combine the notes of two. Many modern piano players use hexatonic voicings by stacking the triads to create a particular harmony. By Jerry Bergonzi Book & CD Item: ADV Sheet Music – £ – Hexatonic scales are six note scales. This book presents a practical method for the construction of hexatonic scales that are useful for.

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This book is a great way to learn a to use a modern and usually confusing harmonic device for improvising over chord changes.

» Triad Pairs

Triad pair are basically the same thing heexatonics hexatonic scales. It is useful to note that chord symbols can leave a lot to be desired and may not completely capture what the composer had in mind. This can be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions and where each hexaonics change may last a long time for instance, four, eight, or sixteen measures “.

G-7 7 Hexatonics in parenthesis create a higher degree of tension. Try applying any of the hexatonics to progressions 13 and Jerry Bergonzi vol 3 – Jazz Line Education.


There is a full page of lines for each triad pair and a page for every key. Jerry Bergonzi- Vol 2 – Pentatonics Documents. Rather than practice all of them, select a few, and play them in all keys in order to gain flexibility with these hexatonics. Try integrating this bergojzi with other melodic materiaL:: I had looked through some of his previous books but this one looked the interesting to me. Additionally, the examples in this entry are specifically assembled with two separate, clearly-defined three-note elements in mind.

Select a few to practice and play in all keys keeping in mind what chords they may fit over. D7l19 B ‘ D G7 Ct. On some of these chords we bergozi allowing much leeway. I fully describe Mr. B- jC-Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting note”.

G-7 7 F-7 BP” Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensional. Jerry’s book is more practical than Gary’s book. Do you want to see what you’re missing?

It has a nice “bluesy” flavor, too.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 –

The “stand alone” sound is oftentimes enough to make a strong, effective melodic statement regardless of how it is or isn’t relating to the harmony over which it is being used. IT Ffq r ra I may change my mind about this later.


For example, the conventional chords used in the Jazz idiom are oftentimes associated with parent chord-scales of seven or more tones melodic minor, major, minor, harmonic minor, and so on.

Jerry bergonzi vol 6 – Developing a jazz language Education. In some cases hexqtonics naturals are given. First and foremost, in order to maximize combinations, it is useful to be willing to consider two triads that may share one or more notes.

Jerry Bergonzi vol 4 – Melodic-Rhythms Education. This hexatonic can be played over many different chords.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

Triads are incredibly strong sounding melodic devices. For example, when playing the over a A,7 chord, it sounds the major 7 as well as the ,7, which will work in certain circumstances. Figuring out which triads hwxatonics particular colors to different chords adds detail to your playing.

Shit, I sound like I’m trying for a job as his publicist, but is this your basic point, reworded with my usual verbosity? Jazz Saxophone solo transcriptions.

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