58 — Joy (Self-indulgence) — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-EIGHT JOY ( SELF-INDULGENCE). Other titles: The Joyous, Joyousness, Pleased Satisfaction . Same reading twice! (58 -> 51). Hello, I have a pretty clear idea of what the iching is telling me, but I would like a second and third opinion. The hexagram means calmness and the absence of urgency. Calmness may mean that one’s environment is quiet and free of pressure and that changes are.

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Life tests our sincerity so that we discover what we really want and what is right for us. This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.

Line 6 top line Pleasant circumstances do not always indicate success. The enjoyment of learning and discovery, for example, has hexagramw as an inspiration for much progress.

He shows confidence in the one that may strip him: Whatever the case scenario Hexagram 51 offers some guidance. The joy of harmony is good.

Difficult things become easy. Sign up here to be notified when this is next available! The man associates with destructive people and exposes himself to perils. Do not try to cover it up. If you place your ability to know joyousness on outer circumstances, when it is not forthcoming, you lose your joy. Faith in what is disintegrating leads to trouble. This sort of joy is experienced by the unenlightened.


The Image The old character shows a person with an upturned face and opened mouth and the words of the spirit that rise from it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Above all, the Hexagrams and changing lines seem to advise – Staying calm, keeping a clear head, and not being afarid to asked for the support you need.

58 Opening/Mediator DUI | I Ching: Mothering Change

A time to create a warm and congenial atmosphere for learning, inspiration and the exchange of ideas. This situation is a barren womb. Meditate Take aim at your heart and release your passion. Unhappiness is the hunger pain for change so how can it be bad? Often we feel the opposite of Joy in the form of unhappiness and see it as something negative.

58 Opening/Mediator DUI

The source of true joy is within oneself. Hexxagrama you have lost control of your choices, everything has been left to chance. The changing lines seem to suggest that whilst it is important to tolorate other peoples points of view or behaviour you should not do so at the expense of your own. Spread the word through inspiring words and images.


Same reading twice! (58 -> 51)

Today I asked the Iching specifically if I should move out of this city and hexagrwma I got the same answer exactly – Movement not-yet doubted indeed. I used hexayrama Iching last week to interpert a certain day-to-day event that I witnessed during a powerful meditation vision quest, but that’s beside the point.

Man too, in his inner being, has a plane of contact with the divine self. There will be evil. This indicates our being able to act without being troubled by doubts.

There is joy with confidence. Receipt; a little beneficial to determine.

Reading at a Glance:

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